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What is a removable disk on a computer?

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Because the term 'disc' or 'disc' refers to several different memory formats, 'removable disk' designates those which can be removed and replaced without opening the computer's case. There are a number of different types of removable discs, such as; A floppy disc. Originally an 8 inch disc, this format has shrunk to 3 1/2 inches. Many new computers do not have floppy disc drives, because the format can only hold 1.4 megabytes per disc. There have been several 3 1/2 inch optical disc drives created, which are similar to CD-R/W drives, in that the disc is written to and read by a laser. These drives can be mounted in place of a floppy drive, and have capacities of 20 megabytes, or more. CD-ROM -R/W The compact disc, a 5 inch optical Read Only Memory format, is generally thought of as an audio format, but was adapted for use by computers shortly after its introduction. Many computers can now boot from a CD, and most software is sold on CD. The Read/Write CD drive is now over ten years old, and was introduced as a way to store and transfer data. Drives that can write to a CD are called 'burners', but can only write to special CD's, called CD-R/W or Read/Write. DVD-ROM - R/W. With the introduction of the Digital Video Disc, the amount of data that could be stored on a 5 inch optical disk increased dramatically. The DVD format has gone through the same evolution as the CD format, in that a burner type drive was introduced some years after the ROM drive. However, DVD discs will not work in CD drives, although most DVD drives can read CD's. Generally, a computer will refer to CD and DVD Drives under the general heading of CD-ROM drives. The most common use of 'removable disc' is the 3 1/2 inch floppy.

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If you download a movie which has virus into your removable disk can your computer infected by the virus?

Yes, if the removable disk is connected to your computer then it will be infected.

What is a fixed disk?

The term fixed disk may refer to a non-removable disk in a computer.

What is afloppy disk?

A floppy disk is an old type of removable, computer memory storage.

Where is the disk installed in a computer?

Since the hard disk drive uses the same data bus as the removable disk drive(s), it is usually installed adjacent to the removable disk (CD-ROM) drive(s).

How does one get the Removable Disk E back onto a computer?

If the Removable Disk E has been removed from the computer, one just needs to reinstall it. Once installed, the computer should detect it and if installed correctly it will run as normal.

What is difference between external hard disk and removable hard disk?

External hard drive is bigger than removable hard disk, although both are removable from the computer. Moreover, the external HDD has much more storage space than pen-drives.

Can a computer become infected with a virus or malware without having downloaded anything from the Internet?

Yes it can. Your computer can get viruses etc from removable media such as an infected floppy disk. Yes, it can. It can be infected by removable media, such as an infected floppy disk.

Why is it asking you to insert a removable disk E when you put memory card in computer?

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How does a zip disk work?

A zip disk works the same way as a hard disk drive inside your computer or the removable floppy disks that used to be common on all computers. It uses magnetism to write and store information to a removable zip disk, which is then typically kept as an emergency backup.

What is the difference between the removable hard disk and the external hard disk?

Short answer: An external hard disk is a removable hard disk. Longer answer: A removable hard disk is any hard disk which is designed to be easily removed from the computer. This includes, but is not limited to, external hard disks. There are also internal hard disks which are removable via a special slot in the front of the machine. Flash-based usb thumb drives are also frequently referred to as "removable hard disks." Even though they are not hard disks at all the OS treats them as such, and so for all practical purposes they can be considered removable hard disks.

Removable media and non-removable media?

When talking about computers, removable media is used for data storage away from the computer, such as CD-ROMs and USB drives. Non-removable media is part of the computer and is not meant to be removed; a hard disk drive is a common example of this type of media.

What is Removable storage Media?

A removable storage media is a device that can be used to store data but does not necessarily have to be permanently attached to the computer. Examples of removable storage media include flash disk, diskettes, and CD.

What is the role of a disk drive?

the role of a disk drive is to control all the other drives around the computer Example Removable disks, Cd Roms,

About removable media and non-removable media?

Removable Media means Portable media that you can put into a computer and remove like CDs, DVDs and Flash Drives. NON-removable media is like the HDD (hard disk drive)

Where is the removable disk on the computer?

The term "removable disc" can refer to any storage device that can be removed and reattached to the computer. ex. CD/DVD disc, flash drive, floppy, USB Hard drive, etc.

Which is not a removable device on a computer CD rom DVD rom floppy disk or recycle bin?

recycle bin

How do you transfer files to Memory Card?

Most memory cards, such as memory sticks and flash disks, can be treated as a removable disk. Look in the "my computer" folder and you should see a removable disk that wasn't there before. Just copy files to that disk much the same as you would to a floppy or a directory.

How do you use a usb?

you use a USB by pluging it on your computer or laptop .then click on computer and click removable disk. and when u do choice the application and then your USB is installed :)

What are computer viruses area of infection?

Computer viruses can infect the hard disk the usb drive Any other removable media the web browser

How do you transfer pictures from your laptop to a memory stick?

Go to the saved image on your computer open the removable disk in computer and drag the picture into the folder you want it in.

When did the first removable disk appear?

The first removable disk appeared in 1962. IBM created it for its IBM 311 drive, and it was called the IBM 1316 disk pack.

Is a hard disk removable storage?


How do you use the word removable in a sentence?

I switched on my system then i plug his removable disk.

How do i remove a disk write protection using a hold switch?

Go to My Computer Right Click Then Click Manage, Then Go to Disk Management. Insert the pen drive the after Inserting the pen Drive the disk management it "ll show the Disk-1 Removable Then Right Click Removable disk then Click Format ,click Ok the Format "ll be Completed. Thunk You For Reading

Are DVD's considered removable media?

Removable Media means Portable media that you can put into a computer and remove like CDs, DVDs and Flash Drives. NON-removable media is like the HDD (hard disk drive) hope that helps