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What is a repetition in weight training?

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A repetition in weight training would be more than one lifting motion.

If I was doing 8 repetitions (aka reps) on squat, I would squat with the bar 8 times. Usually you do so many sets with a set amount of repetitions.

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In weight training what is a set?

A set is the amount of repetitions one lifts in weight training in one setting. For example, if you lift 150lbs. 10 times, that's one set. The repetition is how many times the weight was lifted. In the example, it would be ten times.

What does RM stand for in weight training?

RM stands for repetition maximum. For example, a 1RM for the squat would consist of the maximum amount of weight that one could squat for 1 rep (repetition). A 5RM squat would be the maximum amount of weight one could squat for 5 reps.

How do you use repetition in sentence?

Repetition is a noun for an action of repeating something that has already been said or written; the recurrence of an action or event; something repeated; a training exercise that is repeated as in physical training; the repeating of a passage or note. Example sentence:The only way I can learn my lines for this play is by repetition; a lot of repetition.

The most important exercise factor for achieving training effects is?


What does W1RM meaning when it comes to strength training?

W1RM in strength training means "working 1 repetition max."

Dose a lot of low weight reputitions gain muscle?

No. High weight, Low repetition.

What is economical training in soccer?

Economical training means training in repetition various technical and tactical topics while the pace remains elevated to improve conditioning.

Where can I get weight training?

For free weight training I would look in to It is a very informative article that discusses the benefits of weight training and gives you tips on weight training.

What is a synonym for practice?

Repetition, rehearsal, exercise, preparation, training, run-through, and drill.

Why isit good to do weight training?

weight training strengthens your skeletal muscels

Why weight training for men?

Is because men has the ability,strenght, to deal with weight training.

What does weight training measure?

Strength and possibly power (depending on the type of weight training)

What sport is weight training used in?

Weight training is used in every sport to get stronger and develop athleticism. Weight training is an essential part of every athletes success. A good weight training program is what makes championship athletes and teams.

The number of times you do a lift without resting during a muscle training workout is called an?


Is weight training strictly for men?

No, weight training is not just for men. Weight training is not gender specific, neither is any other form of exercise. Young or old, male or female, everyone can benefit from weight training (under normal circumstances).

In what way muscle training is different than body exercise of weight training?

Muscle training is lifting weights and weight exercises

How does weight training affect your heart rate?

Unless you do circuit training, weight training has little direct affect on the heart rate. Weight training is anaerobic exercise. It is aerobic exercise like walking or running that has a direct affect on the heart rate because it strengthens the heart. Weight training does not.

Ability to muscles without tiring?

It is impossible to use your muscles without eventually tiring, otherwise we'd be perpetual motion machines! However, you can increase the endurance of your muscles through cardio and high-repetition weight training.

What component of fitness does Circuit training work on?

resistance training or weight training,

What are the 5 different types of training used for training in netball?

well there is weight training, fartlek,continuous, interval , circuit, flexibility and weight

What has the author James L Hesson written?

James L. Hesson has written: 'Weight Training for Life (Instructor's Manual)' 'Weight training for life' -- subject(s): Weight training

How much weight should a 185 pound man bench?

Depends what kind of weight training experience you have. For 1 repetition it should be Un-trained: 125 Novice: 165 Intermediate: 200 Advanced: 275 Elite: 345 i weigh 185 and can bench 275 one rep

Can you gain weight with resistance training?

You can gain weight with resistance training, assuming that you train and eat properly.

Does weight training cause problems with ligaments?

No. Proper strength or weight training increases ligament strength.

What has the author Edward Franz written?

Edward Franz has written: 'Beginning weight training' -- subject(s): Weight lifting, Weight training

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