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Yes, the coins are worth something. Many of the coins are valued in price close to $3 each depending upon their condition.

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Q: What is a republica de Guatemala 1991 worth if anything?
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How much is a 1991 200 escudos republica portuguesa coins worth in us dollars?

10000 pounds

How much is the 1991 10000 peso worth?

A perfect uncirculated 1991 Mexican 10,000 Peso note is worth $6. In Very Good condition, this value drops to $1.25. Anything below that quality is worthless.

How much is a 10 pesos 1991 republica de Puerto Rico worth?

Puerto Rico has never been a republic, and, since the United States took control of Puerto Rico, it has always used the U. S. dollar as its currency.

How much is a canada dollar coin 1991 worth anything?

It is worth 1.00 CAN. 23,156,000 were minted in that year, so unless it has a minting error it is only worth one dollar Canadian.

When was Chris Farach born?

Chris Farach was born on December 30, 1991, in Guatemala.

Is a defective 1991 Mario Lemieux Pro Set card worth anything?

Pro Set cards are worth next to nothing. Estimated value of card in question is 10 cents.

When was Anything for Bread created?

Anything for Bread was created in 1991.

Value of 1991 mint proof set?

A normal 1991 S proof set is worth $9. A 1991 S proof prestige set is worth $51.

What is a liberte egalite faternite 10f 1991 coin worth?

10F 1991

What actors and actresses appeared in Anything for Money - 1991?

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How much is a 1991 quarter worth?

It's still worth 25 cents.

How much was 100 dollars worth in 1991?

$100 in 2009 is equal to $64 in 1991.

What is a rookie Brett Favre card worth?

A 1991 rookie Brett Favre card were worth five hundred thousand to a million dollars! Oh yeah, it also depends on the card's condition. If it's bent and ruined, it's worth anything up to a hundred dollars.

How much is a 1991 d quarters worth?

It's only worth face value.

How much is 1991 G.I. Joe cards worth?

1991 G.I. Joe Cards

What is a 1991 100 bill worth?

100 dollars

What is 1991 a guess watch worth?

1000 dollars

How much are 1991 marvel cards worth?


What is a 1991 Canadian 1 dollar coin worth?

It's worth one dollar in Canada.

How much is a 1991 Canadian 1 cent penny worth?

it is worth 1 cent they aren't that rare

How much is a 1991 penny?

It's worth exactly one cent.

How much is a 1991 Disney dollar worth?

About £90 GBP

How much is a 1991 canadian quarter worth?

25 cents.

How much is 1991 marvel cyclops worth?


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