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What is a reverse split sentence?

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The defendant is sentenced to serve the probationary portion of the sentence first, followed by a period of incarceration; since the judge retains jurisdiction, the period of incarceration can be suspended to reward the defendant for successfully completing probation.

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How do you use split in a sentence?

i split the banana

What is a reverse split?

In stocks, a reverse split when shares are combined and the value of the new share is computed to make its new value equitable. An easiest reverse split is 1 for 2. That is, if a share is worth $1, and there are two shares, they are replaced with a single share with a value of $2.

What is a good sentence with reverse?

The reverse gear is the strongest.

How can you reverse a split phase electric motor?

There are two windings on a split phase motor, a run winding and a start winding. To reverse the direction of rotation reverse the source AC to the run or the start winding but not both.

Will national bank of Greece reverse split?


What is a sentence with the word reverse?

I need to reverse onto the driveway.What will happen if you reverse the flow?

Reverse in a sentence?


How direction of a split phase motor can be reversed?

reverse wires

Can you give me a sentence with the word reverse?

Now get ready to throw it into reverse.

What is a transposed sentence?

A sentence that can be reverse, with the independent in front and the dependent can be at the end of a sentence.

Can you write a sentence using the word split?

Let's split the cake in half.

How do you use split up in a sentence?

Ex: we split up last week Ex: the vegetables have to be split up

Using the word reverse in a sentence?

If this essay is good, I will be able to reverse your failing grade.

How do you use groaned and split in a sentence?

The general groaned when he saw the troops had been split.

What is split construction in a sentence?

Subcontracting or Partnering

What could be a sentence with the word reverse?

Mr. Jennings put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

What is a 1 for 100 reverse split?

A 1 for 100 reverse stock split means that you will receive 1 new share for your currently held 100 shares. Example: You hold 100,000 shares of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) after the 1 for 100 stock split you will hold 1,000 new shares of MSFT

Can you put the word Reverse in a sentence?

Put the car into reverse gear first when you try to get out of that parking place.

What is the difference between a 13 over and a 18 speed?

With a thirteen speed you can only "split" the top four. With an eighteen you can "split" all of them, including reverse.

What is atom in a sentence?

Sometimes, an atom cannot be split.

How do use NAFTA in a sentence?

Example sentence - We would like to reverse NAFTA in North America.

What causes the electrical polarity of the armature to reverse?

poles of an armature can be reversed by the arrangement of split-rings

How do you use reverse in a sentence?

the court reversed the original ruling.

Can you give a sentence for the word split?

I split a car in half.0cf5f8eb-4688-45e6-8cf5-e0782b3fcbb41.03.01

Sentence of split?

As an adjective: The unevenly split pavement was the cause of her accident. As a verb: We already split all the wood we need for the season. As a noun: I was so happy to receive my split of the prize money.