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A revolving credit agreement is a legal contract between a lender and a borrower whereby the lender agrees to lend up to a certain amount to the borrower for some period of time. The borrower agrees to make minimum periodic payments during the time that the revolving credit agreement is in force and pay off any balance due at the end of the contract period.

Many revolving credit agreements automatically renew after the agreed period (unless the credit circumstances for the borrower have radically changed).

An example of a revolving credit agreement is the credit card. A credit card has a credit limit ("up to a certain amount" or "maximum"), an expiration date ("some period of time") and minimum payment requirements ("minimum periodic payments"). Most credit card agreements are renewed before the original agreement (the card) expires.

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Q: What is a revolving credit agreement?
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What is the difference between credit card and revolving credit?

A credit card is a type of revolving credit, whereas a revolving credit account may or may not be a credit card. Revolving credit can also include other types of accounts, such as a revolving line of credit with a bank or a home equity line of credit.

What is the meaning of revolving line of credit?

The meaning of a revolving line of credit is a line of credit that is not linked to a certain number of payments. It is the complete opposite of installment credit.

Is a line of credit considered a revolving account?

Yes, if the account type is considered a line of credit it will be calculated into your revolving account balance on your credit report.

What is another name for open-end credit?

Revolving credit

What are the 3 categories of consumer credit?

The three types of accounts on a consumer credit report are installment accounts, revolving credit and open accounts. Credit cards are considered revolving accounts.

What kind of credit is extended when a person uses a credit card?

The type of credit that is extended when a person uses a credit card is revolving credit. Revolving credit allows the consumer to carry a balance and pay a minimum monthly.

What is creditable another name for?

Revolving credit

What is RDLC one type of letter of credit?

Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit

What is RC loan?

RC loan refers to Revolving Credit Loan. Revolving Credit is a line of credit, which maybe used whenever a company needs funds. Usually, such credit doesn't have fixed number of payments.

Are credit cards revolving charge accounts?


What is credit card debt considered?

revolving debt

What is the difference between line of credit and revolving credit?

A line of credit is one type of revolving credit, which works similarly to a credit card. Both a line of credit and revolving credit have a set amount available to use, and when you pay down or pay off the amount, the credit is available for you to use again. A line of credit may use collateral to secure the loan, such as a business building, or it may be unsecured or without collateral, such as a credit card.

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