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In navigation, there are two primary types of course lines that can be plotted, a great circle and a rhumb line. The great circle provides the shortest distance between any two points on the globe, but requires that the course (and headings) be continuously adjusted. A rhumb line results in a longer distance to travel, but allows for a constant course (or heading) to be maintained. By definition, a rhumb line (also known as a loxodrome) crosses all meridians at the same angle.

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What is straight line of navigation?


What is it called when a circle has lines going through it?

Rhumb line.

The shortest distance line between two points is called what?

A "Great circle". A straight line on a Mercator projection is a "rhumb line", and is not the shortest distance.

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What is the main features of the Mercator projection?

Mercator projection represents rhumb lines, which are useful for navigation. It makes the areas near the poles appear very large.

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what- line m is perpendicular to line L, line n is perpendicular to line m.?

Line L is parallel to line n.

Different kinds of lines?

*Straight Lines - Horizontal line - Vertical line - Broken line - Wavy line - Dotted line - Zigzag line - Diagonal line - perpendicular line - parallel line *Curved Lines - Concave line - Convex line - Spiral line

What is a line that is not a line but is almost a line?

A line of best-fit.

Do you wait in line or online?

If there is an actual physical line on the floor, and you are on it, then you are on line. If you are in a line of people, you are in line. If you are in a line of people, and also standing on a physical line on the floor, then you are both in and on line. If there is a group of people, standing in a line, and you are standing on top of the group of people standing in line, then you are standing on line.

What is line intersect?

A line intersect is a point on a line where another line or object crosses the line.

What are the pros and cons of the Mercator projection?

Mercator:Mercator projection works very poorly in polar regions and becomes undefined at the north and south poles. Historically Mercator is interesting because it is one of the oldest map projections to be used. Christopher Columbus used the Mercator projection in his travels to the new world. This projection is often used in navigation because any straight line is a rhumb line (a line of constant direction). Parallels of latitude and longitude are straight. Features increase in size as the map approaches the poles. Areas and shapes of large areas are distorted. Distortion increases away from the equator and is extreme in polar regions. However, being a conformal projection, angles and shapes within any small area are essentially true.

How many lines are in the London underground subway?

The London Subway has 11 lines. Bakerloo line, Central line, Circle line, District line, Hammersmith & City line, Jubilee line, Metropolitan line, Northern line, Piccadilly line, Victoria line and Waterloo & City line.

Is the symbol hyphen a slash or horizontal line?

A horizontal line.A horizontal line.A horizontal line.A horizontal line.

What do you need to use the point slope formula?

The slope of a line and the coordinates of a point on the line.The slope of a line and the coordinates of a point on the line.The slope of a line and the coordinates of a point on the line.The slope of a line and the coordinates of a point on the line.

Is a line segment part of a line or is a line part of a line segment?

In geometry a line is thought of as extending infinitely in both directions. A line segment is part of a line.

What are the great circles of earth?

A great circle is a line drawn on a globe (or sphere) that divides it into two equal halves. A great circle arc (a segement of a great circle) is always the shortest distance between two points on the Earth. Since the Earth is a globe, that is not equivalent to a straight line on a map. For example, if we draw a line on a Mercator's projection map (a "rhumb line") from New York to Tokyo, it will go straight across the country, through California, near Hawai'i, and on to Japan. However, if we take a string and put one end on a globe at New York and the other on Tokyo, the line will pass through Canada and Northern Alaska. That is actually the shortest route. There are infinitely many great circles on the earth's surface; any two points on earth are connected by at least one. But the great circles that are easily identified are the equator, and any possible line of longitude, paired with its partner on the other side of the poles, 180 degrees of longitude over. If the two points are antipodal (exactly opposite each other on the globe, like the north and south poles) then like the poles, infinitely many great circles contain them.

What is the line snapping in line rider do?

it snaps the line. ex. _______ ______ see the space, with line snapping the secong line will attach itself to the nearest line giving you a line like this ________________ that's what line snapping is.

How do you draw a line parallel to a given line?

[A Parallel line is a straight line, opposite to another, that do not intersect or meet.] Ie. Line 1 is Parallel to Line 2. ------------------------------------------------- <Line 1 ------------------------------------------------- <Line 2

What is the liquid line and suction line?

The suction line is the big one. This line should be cold when the unit is on. The small line is the liquid line.

What is formed by two endpoints?

A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.

Is a line longer than a line segment?

A line extends forever into space and a line segment is a segment or part of a line, so a line is longer than a line segment.

If line m is perpendicular to line n and line n is perpendicular to line r how is line m relatred to line r?

Lines r and m are parallel or line r is line m continued

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