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What is a ripple edit?

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I think this is in the wrong section but I'll answer it anyway, a ripple edit in Premiere Pro or something is when you want to edit a clip that is in between 2 clips it realigns all the other clips and keeps them all at the same distances as they were before from the end of the piece you moved. says,

A ripple edit means moving an edit point and causing the rest of the timeline to move the same amount to compensate.

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Ripple is the oscillations that can arise in a circuit when a signal changes suddenly. It stems (in analog circuits at least) from stray capacitances and inductances forming a resonator.Answer--Ripple can refer to: * Ripple (charitable organisation)* Ripple effect, the socio-educational phenomenon* Ripple (electrical), residual unwanted variations following ac to dc conversiono Frequency domain ripple, the ripple of a filter's insertion loss* Ripple (fluid dynamics) for capillary waves* Ripple, Kent, a village in Kent, England* Ripple, Worcestershire, a village in Worcestershire, England* Ripple marks, as identified in sediments and sedimentary rocks* Ripple monetary system* Ripple (wine)it is also a cheerleading move! it is when you take a step clap turn take a step yurn and you bend your knees do a high v put your arms together to the side bring it to you and swing your arm then jump *smile*

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Ripple, in DC power supplies, is technically unitless. Ripple voltage is specified in Volts/Volt, or a percentage. For example, a 12VDC power supply with 120mV (pk-pk) of ripple voltage is (0.12/12) = 1% ripple voltage.

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