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What is a rising junior?

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The one who is still in sophomore year, but will be a junior in next semester or quarter.

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What is a rising senior?

A rising senior is a student who has completed their junior year but not yet begun their senior year

What is the rising action in The Friday that changed everything?

the rising action is when the last hour of school Friday afternoon was junior red cross.

Is Christian ponder a sophomore?

Football-wise, he is a rising junior for the 2009 season. Academically, he has graduated and is in the MBA program.

What are the salary ranges for doctors per year?

per year, junior doctors get around 40k a year, rising to up to 300k for senior consultants.

What is the superlative and positive degree of junior?

junior is the positive. Most junior is the superlative.

Who is Nikki dunavant?

Nikki Dunavant was a junior tennis player. Nikki is from Little River, South Carolina. She attended The Scholars Academy Rising Juniors, class of 2012.

Is Junior Johnson his name or is he a junior?

he is a junior

What actors and actresses appeared in Favela Rising - 2005?

The cast of Favela Rising - 2005 includes: Jonathan Haagensen as himself Jose Junior as himself Andre Luis Azevedo as himself Michele Moraes as herself Anderson Sa as himself Zuenir Ventura as himself

Top Korean songs?

Mirotic by: TVXQSorry Sorry by: Super JuniorFire by: 2ne1Rising Sun by: TVXQ"O" Jung.Ban.Hap. by: TVXQMaria by: Kim Ah JoongCooking? Cooking! by: Super Junior HappyJust some of the few that come to my head atm...=))

When was Lewis Hamiltons first race?

First race of Lewis Hamilton is in 1993. Consistently has the following classes: "Cadet" (1995-1996) "Cadet Junior Yamaha (1997) "Junior International" (1998-1999) Formula A (2000) "Club of the British pilots' it declared" rising star "in 2000

What is the comparative and superlative of junior?

more junior, most junior

How many groups are there in super junior?

There are 4 sub-groups in Super Junior: - Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook & Yesung) - Super Junior H (Happy) - Super Junior T (Trot) - Super Junior M (Mandarin)

Should you name your son junior?

If your name is Junior, then no. Junior Jr.?

What nicknames did Junior Durkin go by?

Junior Durkin went by Junior.

Who is the hottest band group?

It must Be Super Junior,Super Junior-M,Super Junior-T,Super Junior-H,Super Junior K.R.Y.

How many junior colleges are there in Singapore?

22 JCs in Singapore Anderson Junior College Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) IB World School Anglo-Chinese Junior College Catholic Junior College Dunman High School Hwa Chong Institution Innova Junior College Jurong Junior College Meridian Junior College Millennia Institute Nanyang Junior College National Junior College NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Pioneer Junior College Raffles Junior College River Valley High School Serangoon Junior College Saint Andrew's Junior College Tampines Junior College Temasek Junior College Victoria Junior College Yishun Junior College

What are some movie titles containing the word rising?

Hannibal Rising (2007), Rising Sun (1993), Mercury Rising (1998), Dark Rising (2007), Favela Rising (2005), Deep Rising (1998), Blood Moon Rising (2009), Dracula Rising (1993), Venus Rising (1995), Serpent Rising (2009), Valhalla Rising (2009), Black Moon Rising (1986), Dark Water Rising (2006), Dead Moon Rising (2007)...

How much is a 23kt gold Dale Earnhart Senior and Junior trading card rising son worth?

I have been looking around and the most I have seen it sell for is $45 I have the card and was hoping for more

What is the official size of a flag football?

5th - 9th Grade (Junior or larger)NFL JuniorJunior Wilson All ProJunior Wilson TDJJunior Wilson NCAA 1001Junior Nike 1000 Spiral TechJunior Nike 705

Who is Mario Junior?

there is no Mario junior

Is the name junior a weird name for a guy?

Yes You may be talking about a guy whose legal name is Junior. This is not usually the case. When a boy is named after his father, he will often sign his name with 'jr' at the end, and he is often called Junior as a nickname. Junior would be an unusual legal name, especially if it is his father's name as well. His father would be Junior Senior, and he would be Junior Junior. Imagine if their family name is Senior. they would be Junior Senior Senior, and Junior Senior Junior. If the son is in the military, he might be Major Junior Senior, Junior, Camp Jejune.

What is the present progressive tense of rise?

I am rising.You/We/They are rising.He/She/It is rising.

What grade is a junior?

A junior is in eleventh grade.

Abbreviation for junior?

The abbreviation for "Junior" is "Jr."

What is the abbreviation for junior?

The abbreviation for "Junior" is "Jr."