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any spring, stream, or river viewed as an ecosystem. The waters are flowing (lotic) and exhibit a longitudinal gradation in temperatures, concentration of dissolved material, turbidity, and atmospheric gases, from the source to the mouth. There are two major zones: rapids, shallow water where currents are strong enough to keep the bottom clear and firm; and pools, deeper waters where currents are reduced and silt and other debris collect on the bottom. Each zone has its specially adapted life forms.

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What is being done to prevent rabbit riverine from becoming extinct?

The riverine rabbit programme employs people from the local community to help rehabilitate degraded habitats. This means they are restoring ecosystem services to help save the riverine rabbit..

When was Riverine Rabbit created?

Riverine Rabbit was created in 1903.

Brahmaputra's the World's largest riverine island?

majuli is "the World's largest riverine island"

What are riverine islands?

Due to gentle slope, when the velocity of the river decreases, it results in the formation of riverine islands.

What is The largest riverine island in sunderban?

Majuli is the largest riverine island in sunderbans, in India as well as in the whole world.

When did the battle of the Mekong Delta begin?

It was more than one battle; it was a riverine war from the 1940's until the 1970's. Involving French riverine boats and later American riverine boats.

What can be done to save riverine rabbits?

Become a member of the Endangered Wildlife Trust which has established the Riverine Rabbit Working GroupVolunteer with Riverine Rabbits, contact Dr. Vicky Ahlmann of the Endangered Wildlife Trust: Riverine Rabbit Work Group at an item from the wish list of the Endangered Wildlife TrustShop at the Endangered Wildlife TrustPurchase a cuddly Riverine Rabbit at Greater Good South AfricaJoin the Save the Riverine Rabbit group on Facebook

How are riverine islands formed?

Riverine islands are formed when a river has a braided channel and by the deposition of sand and silt carried by the river.

What is riverine island?

an island in river

What is the scientific name for a riverine rabbit?

The Riverine Rabbit, also known as the Bushman Rabbit or Bushman Hare, has the scientific name Bunolagus monticularis.

Which is the world's smallest riverine island?


How many Riverine Rabbits are left?


What is the riverine rabbit's food chain?

The riverine rabbit is at the bottom of the food chain because the tiger and what ever else eats them so ya there's your answer.

What was the brown water navy?

The US Navy's "Riverine Force" in the Vietnam War. The riverine force operated Monitors, Alpha boats, PBRs, and Swift Boats.

What is the name for a dwelling near a large stream?


What is the rarest African animal?

Probably the Riverine Rabbit

What does a bayou do for us?

The bayou supports riverine life.

Naval battle in Civil War?

Naval operations in the US Civil War were primarily riverine operations; with the exceptions of the USS Kearsarge/CSS Alabama fight and naval blockades. The Battle of Mobile Bay was still part of riverine operations, as riverine boats and rivers flowed into the bay.

What does a riverine rabbit eat?

leaves and flowers, sometimes grass

What type of habitat does a dolphin live in?

Marine, estuarine and riverine

Which is the largest inhabited riverine island in the world?

Majul, Assam

How many riverine rabbits are left in the world?

250 but that is in 2008

What kind of animals live in riverine forest?

Thats what i was asking!!

What three-letter refere to riverine island?


What three-letter word refers to a riverine island?


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