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A Rosss Hnidy is a black male king. He enjoys getting bite by the almost distinct species potie. rashes are one of his best features and he likes wheeling girls who have serious boyfriends.

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When was Shane Hnidy born?

Shane Hnidy was born on 1975-11-08.

Is Betsy Ross related to rick ross?

yes betsy ross is a g like rick ross

How many siblings does Diana Ross have?

According to an internet search Diana Ross had six siblings - 4 brothers and 2 sisters:Arthur "T-Boy" RossChico RossRita RossFred Ross, Jr.Wilbert "Ninja" RossBarbara Ross

Who is george ross an uncle of Betsy ross or john ross?

John Ross, Betsy's maiden name was Griscom, she married into the name Ross, so George Ross would have to be on John's side of the family.

Are Ted Ross and Diana Ross related?

It is not likely they are related given that Ted Ross was born Theodore Ross Roberts.

What nicknames does Ross Bechtold go by?

Ross Bechtold goes by Ross Boss.

What nicknames does Diana Ross go by?

Diana Ross goes by Miss Ross.

Is ross a Jewish last name?

yes it is ...stephen ross is jewish Betsy Ross was Jewish? Hardly. Ross is originally Scottish.

What were named in honor of James Ross?

antartica's largest ice shelf is called Ross Ice Shelf named after James Ross. the James Ross Strait, in the Canadian province of Nunavut, is named after him. The crater Ross on the moon is jointly named after James Ross and Frank Elmore Ross.

Who is the lead singer in everlife?

either Amber Ross, Sarah ross or Julia ross

What is the birth name of Ross Aimer?

Ross Aimer's birth name is Ross Aimer.

What is the birth name of Ross Philips?

Ross Philips's birth name is Ross Francis.

What nicknames does David Michael Ross go by?

David Michael Ross goes by Ross.

What nicknames does Rene Ross Garza go by?

Rene Ross Garza goes by Ross.

What is the birth name of Ross Jeffries?

Ross Jeffries's birth name is Jeffrey Ross.

What happened to Harriet's Tubman sisters and brothers?

she actually had eight sibling their names were henry ross, moses ross , linah ross, ben ross ,mariah mitty ross , rachel ross , soph ross , and robert ross so harriet tubmans parents had 9 children

Who is John Ross?

The husband of Betsy ross

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