What is a round black six-legged biting bug?


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Tick-like black bug South Texas

I have no idea what this bug is but I have been bitten 3 times by these vicious 1/4" black, hard-shelled, oval/round shaped body, 6-legged bug along the creek bed and through tall grasses in South Texas. Hard-shelled and flat like a unfed tick but all black. Also, the body seemed more oval like - not interrupted with a beady little tick head and the legs were evenly distributed around the body -not 4 in front 2 in back. I felt the nasty bite immediately and really had to pry the creature off - no welt , but it definitely broken through the skin and left a redden bite mark that doesnt seem to go away. Fully clothed, I was bitten once on the stomach and twice on the neck. Sure would like to know what this is.