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A sad story...that ends happily... I don't think there's a technical term.

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Q: What is a sad story with a happy ending called?
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Is the ending of 'Toy Story 3' happy or sad?

The end is kind of sad, at the end, and it is kind of sad when the are going in the incinerator.

What is a sad story with an unhappy ending called?

A tragedy.

Does Azumanga Daioh have a sad or happy ending?

for them it's a HAPPY ending because they all graduated and still they are friends. for me it's a HALF HAPpY ending because the story is not enough!

Is the story Cinderella sad or happy?

The story of "Cinderella" starts out sad, with the little girl losing both her patents and being forced to become her stepsisters' maid, but has a happy ending.

How a story ends?

a story should end happily because they make the reader also feel happy but when there is a sad ending the reader feels sad snd then thinks that it should have ended this way . so a story should most of the time have a happy ending.

Should the ending of Romeo and Juliet be rewritten?

If you rewrite the ending of a story, you change the story. If you took away the sad ending of Romeo and Juliet, it might be a happy love story (Shakespeare wrote a lot of happy love stories) but it wouldn't be Romeo and Juliet any more.

What is a play with a sad ending?

a play with a sad ending is called a tragedy

Is diary of a wimpy kid dog days a sad story or happy story?

it is a happy story

Why do myths often have sad endings?

Ancient Near Eastern myths often appear to conclude with the banishment or crucifixion of the hero, but this is not always the case. The Flood story in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the biblical story of Noah has an essentially happy ending. The thing with myths is that they try to teach us something. Sometimes this is achieved with a sad ending and sometimes a happy ending.

How does Freedom Writers end?

It ends with a happy and sad ending.

What are differenes between comedy and tragedy?

A comedy has a happy ending (and can be amusing) and a tragedy has a sad ending

What are types of story resolutions?

There are as many resolutions as there are authors - every story ends uniquely. You might have a "happy" ending, where everyone ends up succeeding (except for the villain, of course) or a "sad" ending where they fail. You might have a scary ending or a surprise twist or even a cliffhanger ending. It just depends on the author and their unique story.

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