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A Brazilian straightener can be particularly harsh on the hair. It is best to use a neutralizing shampoo after this treatment to help restore the hairs natural ph. balance.

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Which shampoo should i use after Brazilian straining?

A Sulfate Free shampoo & conditioner should be used after a Brazilian Treatment. Anything else will strip the hair of the product.

What shampoo to use after Brazilian keratin straightening?

you need a shampoo that is sulfate free in order to ensure that the treatment lasts longer.

Can you use ferret shampoo on dogs?

It's probably safe to use ferret shampoo on dogs. Never use dog shampoo on ferrets.

Is it safe to use shampoo to wash your car?


Is Pantene shampoo safe to use on kittens?

No. Get a proper cat shampoo. Pantene will damage its' skin

Is it safe to use dawn soap on your hair?

it is safe but I would not recommend it. It will dry out your hair. You should use shampoo if you can.

What human shampoo is safe for goats?

Any shampoo you would allow your cat to drink. Goats are excellent groomers, and lick themselves. Human shampoo isn't really good to use. Orvis is a cold water animal shampoo and is safe for them to lick.

Can pregnant women use rid lice shampoo?

Yes. It is reasonably safe to use the same.

Can you use herbal shampoo while using hair building liquid is it safe?

herbal shampoo is natural, so it will only benefit your hair.

Can you give a pregnant cat a bath?

You can bathe a pregnant cat but be sure to read the label of the shampoo to make sure it is safe for pregnant cats. You can ask your vet for a safe shampoo to use for your pregnant cat.

Is it dangerous to use dandruff shampoo on daily basis?

No, it's just not good to shampoo everyday. Shampoo your hair every couple days, not every day, you will strip it of its natural oils. Dandruff shampoo is safe to use when you shampoo, I have dandruff too. But you should only wash your hair daily with an anti dandruff shampoo that is designed for frequent use. Make sure that your shampoo can be used frequently otherwise it could cause problems.

Is head and shoulders shampoo safe to use on your children?

Yes. But do not use it on them regularly as this can cause their scalp to become itchy.

How do you use the pills that make your hair grow?

U can put them in shampoo or take them with water...BE SAFE...

Is Lana hair dye shampoo safe to use?

Im Using this Lana Shampoo since 2009 and there is no issues as well it is easy to apply and wash quickly.

Is it okay to use shampoo with sodium on hair that has been straightened with Brazilian keratin?

Your treatment will last longer and shiny if you don't! Look on your area for the products of "Hair Shine", a Brazilian line specialized on chemically and BKT treated hair.

Is aveda shampoo okay to use on damaged hair?

"Aveda shampoo is safe to use on all types of hair. Aveda offers a range of products to repair and strengthen hair, such as damage remedy restructuring shampoo and conditioner, intensive treatments, and styling products."

Is pyrethrin shampoo safe for use on guinea pigs?

you dont really need to give them shampoo. they clean themselves. they just prefer a dip in some water, about up to their ankles.

Is it safe to use human shampoo on a cat?

Baby shampoo would probably be safe to use on a cat, but other "adult" shampoos contain chemicals that may irritate the cat's skin. It would also be particularly irritating if it got in their eyes (animal shampoos are designed not to cause tears).

Is carpet shampooing safe for my pets?

It can be as long as you use a shampoo that is safe for pets. Try Simple Solutions brand. It can be found at Petsmart! I don't think all carpet shampoo is safe for pets. There are pet safe shampoos on the market like Shaklee's Basic G that is a chemical free germicide. You can find the product at

Why do you use shampoo for bathing?

i use shampoo for hair to clean

Can you use adult shampoo to wash a guinea pig?

No, use baby shampoo, or guinea pig shampoo.

Can you use mild shampoo to give your guinea pig a bath?

I prefer to use a special shampoo for small animals think it is by Johnson and Johnson the one i use it is very mild and safe to use on guinea pigs. never use human, dog or cat shampoos on guinea pigs.

Can you bathe a dog with human shampoo?

Yes, but dog shampoo is gentler then human shampoo. If you were to use a human shampoo, use baby shampoo so his or her eyes won't water.

How do you use oilganics shampoo?

the way you would use normal shampoo.

What shampoo do you use for rats?

Rodent shampoo.

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