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Sales in production refers to the products, merchandise or services sold by the business to paying customers. All business processes rely on each other.

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What does the Audi organization do?

production and sale car

What kind of car is considered a production car?

Concept cars are typically a one-off thing for car shows, and not put into production for sale to the public, whereas a car which is put into production for sale to the public would be a production car.

What is industry?

Industry is commercial production and sale of goods.

What is the strongest 3 calabers of handguns?

You will have to specifiy if you mean commercial production for public sale or custom production.

What is a tax on the production or sale of a good called?

excise tax

What is A government payment on the production or sale of a product?

excise tax

What was an effect on prohibition?

The illegal production and sale of alcohol grew.

What is the difference between production direct production and indirect production?

it is used in commerce ...

What did the temperance movement lead to?

A constitutional amendment that outlawed the production and sale of alcohol.increased organized crime. people were still drinking but illegally.

What in 2007 did the US government lift the ban on the sale and production of?


In 2007 the US government lifted bans on the sale and production of?


What are the taxes on production transportation sale or consumption of goods?

Excise Taxes.

What country has an economy based mostly on the production and sale of energy?


What is the production purchase and sale of goods in a worldwide market?

Global economy

What is the primary basis for the economy of Saudi Arabia?

production and sale of energy

What amendment prohibited the production sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages?

The 18th amendment

What was an effect of prohibition?

Type your answer here... The illegal production and sale of alcohol grew.

Are any other entities outside the OPEC nations involved in the production and sale of gasoline?

your but

The money raised through the sale of stock and boneds is one of the factors of production?


What type of groups did merchants and workers form that regulated production and sale of goods?


How much does einsteinium cost?

Einsteinium is not for sale; the world "production" of einsteinium is of the order of micrograms/year !

What was the impact of prohibition?

Prohibition created a vast illegal market for the production, trafficking and sale of alcohol.

Temperance groups in the 1910s focused on?

Passing local laws banning the sale and production of liquor

How did Henry Ford increase the production and sale of automobiles?

by using the the assembly line to build his vehicles

How much profit red bull make on the sale of 1 can?

The cost of production is 5p including can.

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