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What is a salt washery plant?


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January 08, 2010 9:46AM

Salt Washery Plant is nothing but purification of salt which starts by taking the least valuable salt fraction, the fines, and dissolving them in a small amount of water, forming pure saturated brine. Subsequently, the brine flows slowly and upwards, through a layer of downwards moving salt crystals. Each salt crystal is completely encompassed by pure brine so that every soluble solid impurity has the opportunity and time to dissolve. Also the impurities entrapped in the crevices have enough time to leave.

The last step in the salt purification process takes place in a centrifuge. The centrifuge of a vibrating resonance type gives salt with an economical minimum of moisture. Centrifuges produce salt fines by mechanical abrasion. The fines are utilized for production of pure brine in a dissolving vessel. From there the pure brine is returned to the vessel from which the salt and brine flow to the centrifuge.