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10-1000 USD depending on specifics

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Q: What is a savage model 99 in caliber 300 worth?
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What is the Remington model 81 woodsmaster rifle in 300 savage caliber worth?


What is a 300 savage model 99 worth?

what is a Savage 300 model 99 worth?

What is the Value of a Model 99 SP Savage caliber 300 Savage?

about $300 if in real good condiyon

How old is 300 savage with serial 444744?

Your serial number indicates that your Savage model 99 rifle in 300 Savage caliber was made in the year 1947.

What year was a 300 savage sn 394938 made?

If the gun chambered in 300 savage caliber is a savage model 99 then the rifle was made in 1940 by savage arms company.

What is it worth Remington gamemaster model 760 300 savage serial 230694?

what is a Remington 760 300 savage worth it is a gamemaster

What is a model 99 300 savage worth in good condition?

300 or so

What is the value of a 300 model 99f?

Most savage model 99F rifles in .300 savage caliber will sell for between 450-650 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

When was the savage 99E serial c527527 300 caliber manufactured?

The serial number to your Savage model 99E indicates that it was produced in the year 1949.

What is the manufacture date of savage arms 300 savage serial number 504091?

If we are talking about a Savage model 99 rifle,chambered in 300 Sav. caliber,then your lever action rifle was produced in the year 1949 by Savage arms Company.

How much is your savage model 116 300 ultra mag worth?

The savge model 116 in any caliber is currently valued at between 210-400 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Savage Stevens model 311e What is it worth?

75-300 USD depending on conditon.

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