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A scat fetish is sexual arousal by looking at feces.
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What is scat?

Scat is faeces of an animal, people to scat analysis to identify what kind of animal its and its diet. In other words, poop. It can tend to be soft or hard depending on the animal. Scat is poop. Mostly animal poop I think the scat that you are talking about here is scat in Jazz music, in which case ( Full Answer )

What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a fondness or liking for something in particular, that may, or may not be very common; some people have a foot fetish, where they love to rub or have their feet rubbed. The word is often used to mean any unusual sexual practice, preference, or obsession that involves sexual identificat ( Full Answer )

What is fetish?

A raw definition of a fetish is something that turns you on. For example, wearing leather or fishnets turns you on. A fetish could also mean that you have a very strong liking for something, such as feet or hair. It's kind of like saying, "I really, really, really, really love this... [insert name o ( Full Answer )

How do you eat scat?

Scat? Like feces? I suggest you dont eat it at all XD and by the way, you wont get any nutrition from it, your body (or someone elses XD eew) Already took the nutrients from it.

How do you scat?

Answer . Scat singing is vocalizing either wordlessly or with nonsense words and syllables (e.g. "bippity-bippity-doo-wop-razzamatazz-skoobie-doobie-bee-bop-a-lula-shabazz") as employed by jazz singers who create the equivalent of an instrumental solo using only the voice. Also it is a type of ( Full Answer )

What does fetish mean?

A fetish is a strong sexual attachment to an object or part of a person. People with fetishes rarely have sex without at least thinking about the object of the fetish. Sex between people who share a fetish (for shoes, for example) can be very satisfying. A sexual encounter when only one person has t ( Full Answer )

Is biting a fetish?

Could be. If biting is more important to you than who you bite, it's a fetish.

Why do people have fetishes?

Sometimes, fetishes can be a result of an object being associated with arousal or sex from a young age. Nowadays, medical practitioners regard fetishes as being a, 'normal variation of human sexuality'.

How do you get a foot fetish?

Most fetishes such as foot fetish , crush fetish , disability , nose , blood etc. are formed from young child experiences. For example, if somebody put their foot in front of your face when you're a little child, it could start as a foot fetish . If a girl squishes bugs in front of you, and y ( Full Answer )

What does scat mean?

Scat is just another term for feces, fecal matter, manure or a more coarser term that cannot be mentioned on Answers.com. Scat is the digestive remains that is excreted out the anus of an animal, be it human, dog, cow, chicken, etc., that is considered waste and is no longer useful to the body.

Who founded scat?

Ok well the peoples who founded scat where christan AKA jerry, mudpie, AND barock obama. thank you thank you

What is scat singing?

the singer substitutes nonsense syllables for the words of the song and tries to sound like a musical instrument

What is a smoking fetish?

A smoking fetish is a fetish on smoking. It could be inserting said smoking device somewhere in the body, or just actual smoking. Someone with a smoking fetish would just get aroused by the simple act of having a smoke, or watching someone have a smoke.. This is a fairly common fetish among gay men ( Full Answer )

What is fetish sex?

A "fetish" is a sexual response to something that is not usually considered sexual in and of itself, like red vinyl, cigarette smoke, boots, etc. Fetish sex is not "normal" sex. It is a sexual act geared around what most stimulates the participants whether it be bondage, PVC, being dipped in banana ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a trample fetish?

Great question. I believe that when I was young, my older sister and babysitters (most of whom I had a crush on), used to play by stepping on my stomach. It started out as tickling and rough housing but then they began to put more weight on me. Soon they would step with their full weight on me, most ( Full Answer )

What causes a fetish?

Here's a theory. First, you have to realize that until fairly recently, bringing a human baby to birth was extremely difficult and dangerous. In order to sustain a human population, people had to be "encouraged" to have intercourse as frequently as possible. Therefore, the human ability to create ( Full Answer )

What do fetishes represent?

Who knows? Ultimately, something triggers it and off you go. I think the ability to develop fetishes is a human gift, intended to increase the chances of two people having a sexual encounter and passing on their genes.

What is navel fetishism?

navel fetishism is someone who is "turned on" by bellybuttons. its kinda like a foot fetish or anyother kind except for bellybuttons

What is scat music?

Scat is a form of jazz music. It sounds disjointed, but is rather a complex sound and takes a great deal of talent to do it well. In scat, a singer imitates the melodic line an instrument might make in a jazz ensemble, using nonsense words which are chosen for their rhythm and vowel tone.

What is a spanking fetish?

It is a sexual behaviour that becomes a fetish. When the person likes to be spanked in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. There are many ways to spank including the bare hand or the back of a brush. It all depends on what the person enjoys. There are places that people go to for this kind of enjo ( Full Answer )

What are scats?

"Scat singing" is the term for jazz vocal improvisation. This means that while the chord changes of the song are played by the rest of the band, the singer creates his/her own melody and rhythm, instead of singing what what originally written by the composer. However, instead of lyrics, syllables ar ( Full Answer )

What is a pain fetish?

If you're the one in pain, you are what's called a masochist. There are several theories about this.. In the normal human body, pain triggers the release of endorphins -- natural opiates -- that help you to manage the pain. If you've ever stubbed your toe, you've probably noticed this. According to ( Full Answer )

What is a vore fetish?

The word "Vore" comes from the same root as the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. That root is vorare, Latin for devour. The vore fetish, also known as vorarephilia (from the Latin) or, earlier in its history, phagophilia, can concern anything from an interest in--and a potential practice of- ( Full Answer )

What is a jacket fetish?

A "jacket fetish" would mean the person was unable to have successful sex unless a jacket was involved. It could involve the scent of a particular type of jacket, the feel of it one one's body, or its appearance. For example, some people might become sexually aroused by a picture of a jacket in a ca ( Full Answer )

What are scat films?

Scat films are made to appeal to people who are interested in coprophilia - a fetish for incorporating feces into sex play. They are WAY outside the mainstream! Probably the most famous scat film right now is "2 Girls 1Cup", a trailer for a 2007 Brazilian scat film. The trailer features two women ( Full Answer )

How did you get a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is not something you can catch(it isn't a disease)most people are born with their fetishes or something in their early childhood that influenced it. For example, a young male might get his first erection while looking at a pair of attractive feet. This develops into the ablility to onl ( Full Answer )

What is hosiery fetish?

Hosiery is the name given to articles of clothing such as stockings, tights and knee high socks etc. So a person with a hosiery fetish would become sexually aroused by either seeing someone wearing hosiery, or wearing (for example) stocking while having sex.

What is scat in music?

Scat is the practice used usually in Jazz of singing a line to nonsense syllables. The singer is really using the voice as any other melodic instrument, improvising in Jazz style. It is not really an imitation of other instruments like piano, trumpet or sax, but a creative and free use of the voice ( Full Answer )

Is there a STD fetish?

Yes. Some people enjoy getting as much genital diseases as possible and let them flourish. They're the same kind of people who go to specially organized parties to contract AIDS - willingly. It's a fetish-thing. There are even some forums online dedicated to it.

What is meaning of fetishes?

A fetish is a strange turn on you have. (Poop fetish,feet fetish, torture fetish to name a few..)

What is a foot fetish?

A sexual attraction to usually women's feet. you have to lick and suck a girls foot

What are scat performers?

Scat is a type of jazz wherein singers improvise melodies, rhythms, words, and syllables. It is sort of like a freewheeling guitar riff, only in words.

Why do I have a hair fetish?

There are many many theories on what causes a fetish, from seeing something traumatic happening in very early childhood (seeing a cousin being spanked), to a child projecting its affection onto an object during its mother's absence (a teddy bear, a piece of silk). For some the conditioning happens d ( Full Answer )

What is the sickest fetish?

Any fetish that becomes so powerful that it's more important than the person you're having sex with!

How do you develop fetishes?

paraphilia are not "developed" it's just something different that you like regarding sex. for exampley some people are sexually aroused by one thing and others by another thing. it's something that comes naturaly

Why do you have a daiper fetish?

I have a diaper fetish because it allows me to free of my adult worries and due to the fact that being only 3'4 and 24 I don't look my age it is much easier for me to find a "mommy and daddy who desire a third in their bed

Can you grow out of a fetish?

You don't usually grow out of a fetish because it was very often triggered in early life at a time when you were too young to remember it. But as with everything as you grow older your taste changes along with your sexual libido. So while the fetish is still there your desire to do anything about it ( Full Answer )

Why Do you Have a Boot Fetish?

What a question. I've had a boot fetish for as long as I can recall, and all I can say for sure is that I have no idea where it got its start. I think the problem that most girls have with fetishes is that there are guys who are so attached to this specific thing that they demand it as a part of sex ( Full Answer )

Is fetish an illness?

Not necessarily. The question is, are you in control of the fetish, or does it control you? If it controls you -- that is, if you find that it interferes with your normal daily activities and relationships with others -- you should talk to a mental health professional. You should also seek counseli ( Full Answer )

Who was the protagonist in scat?

In Scat the main character is Bunny Starch, the biology teacher at Truman School. Mrs. Starch was on a field trip with her students, she goes back into the swamp, when a fire breaks out to get Libby's medicine. Mrs. Starch is familiar with the swamp because she goes there a lot, so she could have ( Full Answer )

How do you spell scat?

That is the correct spelling for the musical form "scat" (normally in singing accompanied by a piano), and also for the interjection used to shoo animals away.

Why do you have a cuckold fetish?

Fetish is the eroticization of fears. If you are afraid of something so much that the emotion overwhelms your rational circuitry, one strategy you brain uses is to eroticize the thing so that you are flooded with feel-good hormones to cool you off. It is like a nuclear reactor being flooded with wat ( Full Answer )

Is scat feces?

One definition of the word "scat" is "animal droppings", e.g. bearscat. So - yes. Scat is another word for animal feces.

What is urine fetish?

A "urine fetish" or Urophilia (also known as Urolagnia, Undinism, or better know as Water Sports) Is the sexual attraction to the act of pissing, usually on or in a sex partner.

What are fetish people?

Technically, a fetish is an object (like a boot or silk panties, for example); an act (like spanking) or body part that a "fetish person" needs in order to achieve sexual satisfaction, other than the usual body parts. Sometimes, the fetish object becomes more important than the person's sex partner. ( Full Answer )

How do you figure out your fetish?

A fetish is like a sexual orientation. You can tell if you're attracted to something because you find it all... attractive. There's also a high chance that you are pretty much fetish-less. All humans are thought to posses some level of a master-slave fetish.

Where do you get your sneezing fetish from?

Finding the trigger for a behaviour is what Psychologists spend a lot of their time doing. Some women are reputed to orgasm after a good sneeze, and the idea is well known and depicted in some movies. A male might pick up on this and think that every woman who sneezes is having an orgasm, which is a ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a giantess fetish?

Imagine you have a fetish for a specific body part of a woman. Let's say the feet, or hands or mouth... Or even something as common as the butt or breasts.~ Now imagine you are able to make a real big close up or zoom to that body part. Wouldn't it be great to have a really really huge proximity t ( Full Answer )

Can you have a grope fetish?

It is possible to have a grope fetish, as there are many types of fetishes and new ones are appearing each day.