What is a seemingly hard riddle with an easy answer?

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Question: "What is the Roman Numeral for Zero?"
Answer: There ISN'T one!
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What are some hard riddles?

1. A guy left home he took a left, then another left and then another left then he was home again and there were 2 guys standing at his home and they had masks on WHO ARE THEY? Answer: They are the umpire and the pitcher. He's at a baseball game! 2. It is reported that 5% of college graduat ( Full Answer )

Is math easy or hard for kids?

Math is easy and hard because some of the times we don't get it so we that is why it's hard. The easy way is to just skip the hard problem and do the ones you know so at the end just ask the teacher. If you are in elementary school then it is easy but if your in middle or high school it is hard.

Is kickflip hard or easy?

Easy! Practice With your flicking first get the form Don't Stop.. easy once you get the hang of it but pretty hard at first. I'm not going to lie it is very hard but just don't ever give up and watch lots of videos, it helps. You will also get very frustrated at times. Jump high, flick your foot, ( Full Answer )

What is a hard riddle?

These are some fairly hard riddles. 1. There is a one-story house. Everything inside it is pink. Thebathroom is pink, the kitchen is pink, the TV room is pink, thebedroom is pink, the garage is pink. What color are the stairs? 2. A family lives in a completely round house; no edges. Theparents go ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to get a guy hard?

Well depends on the guy! Mine if you sit on him and make out wit him he gets hard!!! But ya it depends on how the guy is. But if he does get hard then dont laugh at him or make fun cause if u do he will think you dont like him like that and that u think its all just a joke and that u really dont wan ( Full Answer )

What is a really hard riddle?

The answer to this riddle has a hole in the middle, And some have been known to fall in it. In tennis it's nothing, but it can be received, And sometimes a person may win it. Though not seen or heard it may yet be perceived, Like princes or bees it's in clover. The answer to this riddle ( Full Answer )

What are some really hard riddles?

here's one its ,the shinx's riddle. what walks on four legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? a man. when hes a baby (the morning of his life) he crawls on hands and knees ,when hes an adult (afternoon of his life) he walks on two legs ,and when hes an old man ( ( Full Answer )

Can you name a very hard riddle?

there are 3 jugs. 3L 5L 8L jugs 2 friends want 4l each. All your Water is in the 8L Jug and you don't have anything else and they want exactly 4L each how are you going to do that?

Name 10 hard riddles?

I've got two: I kill humans for food not accedentaly, i got black on me and some white. I have lots of teeth and i eat all food that is avalible. What has seven letters, is better then God, more evil then the devil, wealthy people need it, poor people have it, and if you eat it you will die? noth ( Full Answer )

How do you get a hard word for an easy word?

normal people use the internet but geeks use dictionary's. i now how you get a word for phrases like for example if you pretend to not be good at something then you bet money or something then you do it right that time after you've bet the money then that is classed as hustling. d ya get me now. you ( Full Answer )

Very hard Riddle Help needed?

\nHere is the Riddle \nEinstein claimed that 98% of the worlds population couldn't solve it.\nIn a street there are five houses, painted five different colors.\nIn each house lives a person of different nationality.\nThese five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different bran ( Full Answer )

What are hard riddles?

I am the center of gravity, hold a capital situation in Vienna, and as I am foremost in every victory, am allowed by all to be invaluable. Though I am invisible, I am clearly seen in the midst of a river. I could name three who are in love with me and have three associates in vice. It is vain that y ( Full Answer )

Is architect easy or hard?

To obtain a degree in architecture is one of the longest and most challenging degree courses there is. Most degrees can be obtained in four years or less. A good degree in architecture will take seven years.

Was twilight easy or hard to act?

it was hard for rob and Kristen rob had to do lods of scary faces and at the end he had to make really strange noises with cam . then Kristen had to look bafled by everything and the charectors had to act like a pixe like a lioness it was hard

Why is programming both easy and hard?

Programming can be easy because there is a set logical andmethodical way of producing a solution in programming, although onthe other hand it can be difficult to understand how certainfunctions in programming work and therefore how it can be applied. Programming can be easy if your mindset is logic ( Full Answer )

Is grade 5 easy or hard?

Every year is going to be more challenging than the year before. Yes, 5th grade is going to be harder than 4th, but that does not mean it'll be too hard. If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask a teacher or parent for help. 5th grade will be great. Good Luck

Examples of hard riddles or quizzes?

if there are 2 people in a room and each one shakes hands once with every other person in the room, how many hand shakes are there?... answer( 1 handshake) pretty easy isn't it? if there are 3 people in a room and everyone shakes hands with everyone else, how many hand shakes are there? ans ( Full Answer )

If simple is to easy as hard is to?

hard is to challenging. just think of other words that have the same meaning. If fish was to fins, a cat would be to paws. Good luck!

Is hajj meant to be easy or hard?

Hajj is meant to be a test for self, whether it is easy or hard, this depends on the person himself; but no doubt, Hajj is some sort of Jihad, due to the great effort exerted in it.. in Hajj, man discovers degree of strength of the relation between him and his Lord.. So the holy Quran says:. "Let ( Full Answer )

Is ice skating easy or hard?

No one can answer that for you... You'll just have to find that out for yourself.

Is it hard or easy to immigrate to Canada?

, I am a current Canadian citizen living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This question is very hard to answer and has no real 'yes' or 'no' answer to it. The only way that this is determined is all about yourself. Canada is a developed country and rated the best country in the world to live in for 6 ye ( Full Answer )

What are some hard riddles with answers?

Please Answer ! The hardest riddle is... - I can be made out of metal or plastic or both. -I'm easy to carry -I connect small items and if you shake me I will jingle. -I am always within reach, but i can easily be lost -I come in different forms, shapes, colors and sizes -I can be ele ( Full Answer )

Know any Hard Riddles?

90% of kindergardeners got this right but only 5% of Harvard students guessed it right ____ is more evil than the devil ____ is more powerfull than god poor people have ____ rich people need ____ if you eat ____ you'll die There is only ONE word that fills in all these blanks can ( Full Answer )

Help with a hard riddle?

Here is the riddle... for my 7th birthday i envited some friends to the zoo. We were walkig by the monkey cages and remembered we packed an unussually large amount of peanuts. We tried to find a way to split the peanuts between the monkeys but it wasn't possible. There were 11 chipanzees in the fi ( Full Answer )

Is space travel hard or easy and why?

Space travel is extermely doifficult. It involves physics, anatomy if it is a manned mission, geology if you collect rock samples, and nearly every science you can think of. There are years of planning. Astronauts are trained for two years before they can go into space. Still, there are dangers. Thi ( Full Answer )

If life is hard does this make death easy?

While easy on the person who died, death is hard for everyone around that person who cares. YES, people care. It is very rare that they do not care. They just might not show it well. Oh and to be perfectly honest no one can tell if an afterlife exists or not so don't go trying it yourself...I'd h ( Full Answer )

Its easy or hard computer science?

Computer Science courses involve studying and understanding the scientific and/or practical applications of computing. CS generally involves learning how to program so one can either write programs to accomplish specific goals or understand how computers operate so as to know how programs other peop ( Full Answer )

What are some short but hard riddles?

A man leaves home. Takes a left, a left, and another left. When he comes back home there are two men waiting for him in masks. Who are they? A: The Catcher and the Umpire. (Home is home plate and and the man is a baseball player.) Q:what did the clock's little hand say to the big hand? A:"I'LL ( Full Answer )

Is dancing easy or hard to do?

It depends on the type of dance, and the level/difficulty. My daughter has been dancing since she was four and as she moves up the dances get harder.

What is the answer to the phone number riddle in Die Hard 3?

The answer is 555-0001. The riddle is that the phone number is 555, followed by the answer to the riddle from "As I was going to St. Ives". The riddle is designed to have you multiplying and adding powers of 7 (seven wives, seven sacks, seven cats, seven kittens). The actual answer is that only ON ( Full Answer )

Was Elvis Presley's life easy or hard?

A lot of people think Elvis's life was very easy because he was rich and could get anything he wanted. Wrong! He was very poor as a child and when he hit the big time it was still very hard. True, he could buy many things like cars or horses, but he wasn't always completely satisfied with things. Pr ( Full Answer )

Is the sport cricket easy or hard to play?

Cricket is a very hard and challenging sport to play. This is because of the different batting form, bowling styles, as well as different catching techniques. If you have never played the sport before then it will be something new. I DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND U AT LEAST TRY IT THOUGH :)

Were the riddles hard in The Hobbit?

Most of them were really common, so they were easy. But there were some hard ones. Like this one: 30 white horses stand on a red hill, they champ and stamp, and then they stand still. Answer: Teeth

Is dota a easy or hard game?

It is an easy game to learn, but a hard one to master. DotA's learning curve is a steep one. The complexity of the gameplay and the multitude of things to learn and remember make it difficult. However, once one understands the game, it provides a great source of enjoyment.

Any hard riddles?

it is greater than god and more evil than the devil. the poor have it, the rich need it, and if ou eat it, you die. what is it? is that good? email me for the answer. answer@ashleybohan.com

Is a flight attendant career easy or hard?

I think no work is easy but we can always make it better especially when we are happy with what we do. A flight attendant is a tough job because it requires a lot of patience, customer service skills, and a long time of standing once assisting passengers.

Is math easy or hard?

I believe it depends on the individual. Some may say it is very easy to them while others say it is very difficult.

Was life easy or hard for knights?

It was some what more easier than being a peasant(rather than constantly farming,cooking,etc) , but as a knight you have to go to war , and make sure you dont die every single time you wonder for a quest or even defending your property

What is easy to say but hard to mean?

means sometime we want to say lots of thing and also listen something whom which we really love him/her lots that's time it very easy to say but very hard to understand

What is a easy but hard riddle?

An easy but hard riddle is a riddle that is truly easy when you know the answer but becomes hard if you overthink it. For example: what is more useful if broken? An over-thinker might think about all sorts of things and never see the answer. The answer is, of course, an egg!

Is US citizenship easy or hard?

Easy, you get born in it. :3 . Becoming a US citizen is hard for some people, but being a US citizen is easy. I can honestly say that being a US citizen has never caused me any problem.

What kind of riddles can one find on the website Hard Riddles?

There doesn't actually exist a website under the domain Hard Riddles at the moment. With that in mind were someone to purchase the name it would probably be to have a website filled with riddles one would find difficult to solve.