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This valuable, antique clay pot found near an old Indian burial ground was recently donated to our museum.
This grandfather clock from the year 1950 is a valuable antique. Antique means old thing that's not made anymore the way it used to be.
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How do you find the value of an antique chest?

Answer . Look up: Antique chest on www.e-bay.com and see how much people are bidding for it, or selling it for or check out: http://www.prices4antiques.com . or you can give it to me! lol!

Do antique shops always sell real antiques?

Hi I am Andrew Nebbett of Andrew Nebbett Antiques London www.andrewnebbett.com There is no legal requiremant for a shop with Antiques above the door to sell REAL antiques and there are many that abuse this across the world. In the UK we are bound by what we write on a receipt for any goods p ( Full Answer )

What is an antique?

An antique is an object having a special value because of its age,like domestic item or a piece of furniture or handicraft esteemedfor its artistry, beauty, or period of origin. It is an oldcollectable item, collected or desirable because of its rarity,condition, utility or other unique features. It ( Full Answer )

Is a Baikal IJ27E considered an antique?

No, Russian firearms are tough, even if sometimes are regarded as "ugly" or "antique". Under US firearms laws, an antique firearm is legally defined as being made prior to 1-1-1898, OR a firearm of any age that uses loose powder and shot- such as a muzzleloader. This Russian shotgun dates from ABO ( Full Answer )

How do you safely clean antique copper?

Hi, alot of antique dealer and appraisers would have a fit if people cleaned up brass and cooper items, only because it decress the value, you can have a professional do it at a cost!. There is a mild remindy though, combine equal parts of flour,salt and vinegar, mix into a past. Spread the past ont ( Full Answer )

Where do you buy antiques?

There are many places... auctions, garage sales, retail stores etc. Or if just want to be at home relaxing and buying antiques,you can go to the online antique mall,there you can have easy access of antiques without a sweat. If you want to know the best places to buy cheaply, you're probably best to ( Full Answer )

How old is an antique?

Antiques are generally items at least 50 to 70 years, which wereconstructed during an earlier set of manufacturing processes.Typically they are items no longer being produced in the samequality or design. Some antiques are many hundreds of years old. --- In the US, the Internal Revenue Service class ( Full Answer )

How do you antique paper?

wash in warm water to remove size then with cold tea, dry on a sheet of glass

How do you verify an antique?

Weather you would like to verify the age or what type of a rug it is then the best way would be to simply send some images of the rug to a reputable antique rug dealer. Make sure that you include a picture of the back of the rug as the weave will help the dealer to identify where the rug was made.

What does antique mean?

unique, special valuable when we hear the word antique it resmbles these and its also verry high in price if u want to sell it or by it.

What is an antique gun?

An old gun that has been around for a while and was widely popular and is now presently not in production and is a rarity to find around anymore.

What is a antiquate?

Antiquate has many definitions including; . To make old-fashioned by replacing by something better. . To design or create causing to appear antique.

How do you get into the antique business?

I've been in the business for 40 years, as my father was an antique dealer. Traditionally, you learned from someone you knew, someone who might mentor you, or conversely, you just hung out a shingle, opened, and hoped for the best. This last option can be expensive, because without a mentor, and a l ( Full Answer )

How do you find out what your antique is?

This will take research on your part. Get books from the library or go sit in an section of a bookstore that has collectible and antique books. Start looking for things that look like your item. Take it to a museum they may be to tell you what it is. Look and see if there is any markings or maker on ( Full Answer )

Where can antiques be sold?

The best place that I have found to sell small antiques for thebest prices is on eBay. I have been selling antique silver,jewelry, and rare books there for years. It is hands-down the bestvenue, with it's worldwide marketplace and ease of use. If you have a particularly rare, or larger items...like ( Full Answer )

Who owns antiquity?

We all do, because we are mortal and one day nothing will be left of us but some of our stuff. The objects we appreciate today used to be somebody's stuff, and that's why we like them, whether it's an art treasure which properly belongs to Humanity or the lace doilies Great-Grandmother tatted while ( Full Answer )

What is antique color?

There isnt a certain color for antiques. It depends upon the age and condition. Check the subject matter, if its a sign and it is advertising shoes, check the company on the computer. Look at the age and condition of the sign. If the paint is wearing or the sign looks like it was open to the element ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of antiquity?

It is the quality of being very old. Many times it refers to the times or objects from before the middle ages--roughly 1066 to 1500 AD.

How do you refinish antiques?

Some will caution that refinishing an antique significantly reduces its value. If you want to retain the antiques' value, it's a better idea to clean the surface with a nourishing wax compound, such as Briwax, and leave it alone. The scars and marks the piece has earned over time enhance its 'person ( Full Answer )

Is your ring antique?

My granda have one. She told me that she is going to give me her antique ring before she dies. She even told me the history of that ring and it happened 1915.

What is rococo antiques?

Rococo refers to a style of interior design that was very popular in 18th century Europe. "Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, tapestries, wall paintings, reliefs, and complementing architecture." ~Straight from W ( Full Answer )

Why are antique violins so desireable?

While newer violins can have a beautiful tone, the older a violin is, it gerneally has a very deap tone colour. This tone is what makes 'antique' violins valuable, because they are older and it is hard to buy a new violin with the tone that is desirable for certain types of music.

How do you use the word antique in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences. . I bought an antique desk at the market. . That clock is an antique. . How old does something need to be in order to be an antique?

Do you access antique jewelry?

Hello, yes; you can have access to antique jewelry; but it can costmore money than yellow gold metal depending of the quality...Sincerely: Living Life Enterprises Presents! Happy Holidays to allthe Families around the World!

What is the synonym of antique?

old, ancient, out-of-date, obsolete period piece, relic, bygone, heirloom, collector's item, museum piece, vintage, classic, antiquarian

How do you use the word antiquated in a sentence?

It means too old to be of use. Here are some sentences. . The abacus is now considered antiquated. . The antiquated machinery was finally replaced by modern machines. . Gary felt antiquated as he watched the young interns file into the office.

What are the delicacies of antique?

Theirs a lot of Native Food in Antique: Suman Malagkit Banana Chips Piaya Binayo (limugo) Huwad-Huwad Manok with Ubad ng Saging(yummmy) Etch......

What Antiques roadshow?

Antiques Roadshow is a show here a group of antique experts got o any random place and people come to get their antiques 'evaluated'. What its worth and whatnot.

Is an House an antique?

Your grammar is terrible! You should be asking 'Is A house an antique?' but instead you insist on on using terrible grammar which I might add is just insulting to people like me! Your the type of person who go on antique road show and sit there with a stupid little vase or doll, and I have to co ( Full Answer )

What is antiquated protocol?

make certain that antiquated protocols those once needed but now no longer used are removed. if you do not, you are leaving an opening for an attacker to access your system through weaknesses in that protocol.

Where can you get an antique sofa?

Antique sofas can be purchased from vendors such as Ebay. Antique look-a-likes can be purchased from The Sofa Gallery and various other Google stores.

What is antique gold?

Well, antique gold metal come in different color or design it is much better indentifed pure solid color white gold that you know come before 1920's and you can see the different because inside and outside it is original solid white gold ! Well, yellow gold metal some time you can for the different ( Full Answer )

What is a simple sentence with the word antiquity?

My example of a simple snetence that has the word "antiquity" in are , . This chair is costly because of its antiquity . . The antiquity of a thing makes its worth high .

What is the value of a antique?

It depends on how old it is. If there is an object from, for example, 1717, it can cost thousands, sometimes even millions. The older an antique is, the better.

Can you correct this sentence for me. Dan bought an antique primitive pine dresser and he hopes that it can be easily refinished?

"Dan bought a primitive, antique pine dresser that he hopes can be easily refinished." OR "Dan bought a primitive, antique pine dresser, and he hopes that it can easily be refinished." The arrangement of the adjectives (antique, primitive, pine) before the noun (dresser) were decided by using t ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of antique-?

The word antique doesn't have any one specific opposite word. Someof the antonyms for antique are young, current, and new. Otherwords that are antonyms of antique are modern, recent, andup-to-date.

What do you consider an antique?

The dictionary definitions are purposelyvague. A definition on Google notes anantique is "a collectible object, such as a piece of furniture or work of artthat has a high value because of its considerable age." (https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Define+antique) As all dictionary definition ( Full Answer )

Is antique an adverb?

No, it is an adjective because an adverb is a verb describingsomething and antique is not an action, it is just desribingsomething.

Is antique a noun?

Yes, the word 'antique' is a noun , an adjective, and a verb. Examples: The desk is an antique given to me by my great aunt.( noun ) I spotted the antique lamp at a yard sale.( adjective ) I'm going to antique the kitchen cabinets so they'll look asold as the house. ( verb )