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Enlighten, as of religion:

The famous preacher's speech was enlightening; many people who did not believe in religion soon joined the church shortly after.

The preacher tried to enlighten everyone with his teachings.

Enlighten, as of intelligence:

Many people say Einstein was enlightened because of his intelligence.

"I shall enlighten you all with my teachings!" cried the devoted teacher.
enlighten me with your soul man
Most politicians are incapable of enlightening their voters on the storms into which they intend to lead their captive populations.

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Enlightenment is the act of being enlightened. An example sentence would be: Given her newfound enlightenment, she feels the world is her oyster.

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You will find most Americans are enlightened about the severity and widespread problem of cancer due to cigarette smoking.

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The monk felt enlightened.

He was much more enlightened after the classes.

We enlightened him as to why his behaviour is not acceptable.

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Q: What is a sentence for enlighten?
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