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What is a sentence for the word considerable?


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December 22, 2014 4:42PM

Mike has made a considerable amount of money investing in the stock market.

We're thinking of buying a house now that prices have come down considerably in the last year.

The gas station is a considerable distance from here.

He is considerably older than his wife, and will likely die while she is still quite young.

A perfect emerald is worth considerably more money than a diamond of equal size.

International oil and cocoa prices have considerable impact on the economy of Cameroon.

Since World War Two, the tiny nation of Andorra has achieved considerable prosperity through its tourist industry.

Crime in this area has decreased considerably since the police increased their foot patrols.

The young boy showed considerable promise as a diver within his first year of competition.

Because of inflation, prices have gone up considerably for almost everything.

Your chances of finding a job will improve considerably if you can improve your computer skills.

Jamaica's budget deficit has been considerably reduced in recent years.

Women walking alone late at night in large cities are at considerable risk in this country.

Jane Austen once wrote that surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.