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His last act was unfortunately an ignoble one.

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Q: What is a sentence for the word ignoble?
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Make a sentence using the word ignoble?

Don't believe on her bogus talks, she is ignoble .

Could you give a sentence using the word ignoble in it?

Ignoble can mean not honorable, or humble. He came from ignoble birth. He is an ignoble man and cannot be trusted.

Can anyone give you a sentence with the word ignoble in it?

The public behavior of the Roman Emperor Caligula was considered ignoble by traditional Romans.

A sentence with the word ignoble?

Mark was an ignoble successor to such a well-respected leader, and many members of the organization resigned. :) hope this helps!

How would you use the word ignoble in a sentence?

The military policy towards the people of Myanmar following their catastrophic natural disastar was and continues to be ignoble.

Use Ignoble in a sentence?

The old Indian caste system in which untouchables were supposed to be ignoble was ignoble.

A sentence using ignoble?


What is an example sentence for Ignoble?

That ignoble hawk was after my pet hamster.

What is a prefix for the word ignoble?


How do you use ignobly in a sentence?

not honorable in character or purpose : ignoble feelings of intense jealousy. of humble origin or social status : ignoble savages.

What word uses the prefix ig that means not?


What is another word for unprofessional conduct?

Ignoble conduct