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What is a sentence with infuse?


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Homer was seeking to infuse some happiness into marge's life.

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Cover with honey, leave to infuse for a few minutes, then take on a spoon.

We have a new coach, he is going to infuse the team with enthusiasm

It's time to infuse this website with intelligent questions.

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The word 'infuse' is a verb: infuse, infuses, infusing, infused. The noun form for the verb is infuser, one who infuses. Another noun form is infusion.

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When you send in a college scholarship application, be sure to infuse emotion into your personal essay. Think about the audience considering your scholarship application. You want to convey how much receiving a scholarship from this committee would truly mean to you. If you can infuse a bit of emotion into your essay, you will likely receive a scholarship.

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Infuse human albumin solution.

Infuse means to pour and is usually used in medical scenarios, for example to infuse tea or herbs for a soothing drink is to pour hot water on them. From this use it also comes to mean revitalise, eg 'The bank hoped that by infusing some fresh funds into the profitable operations it could turn the company around.'

Invest, invent, interrogate, interpret, infuse.

It means combine some paragraphs.

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Capital of a company is reorganized to infuse new life in the company.

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boil, make, soak, steep, stew, infuse, ferment, foment, gather

To reduce the risk of it making you ill ,to presrve it, to tenderise it or to infuse it flavours that are enjoyed by the eater.

impregnate, infuse, permeate, pervade, imbue, or soak.

Yes you can. The Samsung Infuse is a particular ATT favorite.

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