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What is a serger machine?

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A serger is a sewing machine that sews and cuts the fabric at the same time. This makes for a neater seam. It is used a lot in professional sewing. Check out the inside seam on most store bought clothes and you will see that there is no extra fabric on the seam.

A serger machine is used to trim the edge of a fabric, and then enclose the seam allowance or edge of the fabric inside a thread casing, all in one step. This "finishes" the edge, preventing a woven fabric from fraying. There are various options that each brand of serger offers, including, but not limited to:

  • rolled hem
  • gathering for ruffles
  • chain stitch
  • cover stitch
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What type of garments are sewn together using a Brother Serger machine?

Any type of garment can be sewn together using a Brother Serger machine, but linens, expensive formal fabrics and fabric with stretch really benefit from a Serger. Sewing with a Brother Serger allows you to make cleaner-looking seams and hems.

What can one do with a babylock serger machine?

A Baby Lock Serger is a sewing machine sometimes known as an "overlocker". These machines actually trim the edge of the fabric as they stitch giving a professional finish.

Can you quilt with a serger sewing machine?

No. As you would do the quilting stitches, the serger would be cutting your quilt into pieces. You can, however, stitch together straight edges on quilt pieces.

What are the loopers in a sewing machine?

Normally, you don't find loopers in a sewing machine but on a serger or overlock machine. They bind the edges of a seam to finish it off.

What is an overlock machine used for?

If you are referring to an overlock sewing machine, it will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed through. Also known as a serger.

Where might one find reputable reviews for the Serger sewing machine?

At Amazon, people who have used and bought a Serger sewing machine can give their honest feedback through both comments and ratings to allow others to make a more educated decision.And you can also find some prefessional serger reviews on the <a href="">serger niche websites</a>.You know,the owner is common the expert on the complex device.and you can get a lot of useful related information about the device.You can ask him for help by sending him the requested email if you can solve some problem when using.You can find them by entering the "serger reviews" on the google.I hope that it can help some of you.

The type of machine that uses a needle that goes from side to side is?

The machine that has a needle that goes from side to side is an overlock serger. It is used to prevent fabric from fraying.

How do you use a serger?

You use a serger to hold down seams.

What is much better - a serger sewing machine or a regular sewing machine?

A serger and a sewing machine are two separate machines. A sewing machine is used to sew fabrics together, using a a variety of stitches. It sews with one needle, with an upper thread and a bobbin thread. It sews a line of stitches that you can guide by moving the cloth around. A serger is used to finish the edge of the fabric or the seam. It uses 1 or 2 needles, and 3 or 4 threads. It has a blade that trims the seam allowance or fabric edge as you sew. The threads create a casing on the edge of the fabric or seam allowance, preventing the fabric from fraying and reinforcing the edge to make it stronger and more durable. You can use a serger as a sewing machine occasionally but it can't perform most of the sewing machine functions - it cannot backstitch, turn corners, be used for zippers or button holes, or hems.

Where can you find information about serger?

A serger is a type of sewing machine that finishes hems and other edging. For more information on sergers, you can look on sewing and craft sites such as Make it Handmade, or visit stores that carry these items such as Hobby Lobby or WalMart,

Where can you get a downloadable manual for white superlock 1934d serger sewing machine?

reference guide for super lock serger s.n 521640/1940 Singer has all the manuals for white machines and a few others. most are free instant PDF copies.

What is the difference between the serger and the sewing machine?

A serger (overlock) sewing machine uses up to four threads and has a special trimming blade. It is designed for one main job: it sews, trims and overcasts the seam at the same time. Its function is specialized, but it can really speed up sewing and gives the finished item a professional look. A serger is a great machine for sewing stretch fabrics. A home sewing machine is designed to do a wider variety of tasks. It will generally have more stitches, plus presser feet and attachments to sew zippers, buttonholes, do machine quilting, etc. There is usually an overlock stitch on a home sewing machine, but you can't sew the seam, overlock and trim all in one pass. Lots of sewers have one (or more!) of each.

Hot ot sew stretch panne velvet?

Hi! I sew stretch panne velvet all the time using my serger. It is the easiest way by far. If you don't have a serger, I would recommend using the tightest zig zag stitch on your standard sewing machine.

What is a serged stitch?

Serged stitching is the kind of stitching you find on the inside seams of ready-to-wear garments. This stitching is done on a machine called a "serger". A serger is threaded with 2, 3, or 4 threads at once. It sews, binds, and trims all at the same time.

How do you finish seams that ravel?

Optimally, a serger is the best way to finish material that ravels. If you do not have a serger, you can finish the raw edge with a regular zig-zag stitch. If you don't have a zig-zag stitch on your machine, you can simply reinforce your seam with another row of straight stitching.

Where do you buy a serger sewing machine?

There are number of ways to buy a serger:You can buy sergers at a number of retail outlets - most hobby and sewing stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics, etc.) have the inexpensive models for sale.Sewing machine/vacuum boutiques are great places, because they have excellent customer service and a "mom and pop" store feel.You can also go to your desired serger brand's website, and see where in your area there is a dealer. The best serger brand is Brother, but you can also check Janome and Viking.You can also check for used models on ebay or Craigslist as well. Some people use their sergers for a month and get tired of of sewing.

What cuts the fabric and finishes seam in one step?

A serger machine will sew your seam, trim the raw edge, and finish the raw edge in one step. The end result will be the type of seam you find inside a ready-made or store bought garment. See related links for more details.

Where can you get a free service manual for Kenmore serger 385 16644690?

Where can I get a free manual for my Kenmore Serger Model 385 16644690

What's the best way to remove overlock stitching?

With a seam ripper and lots of patience. Remember, an overlock (or serger) machine uses up to 4 threads at one time.

How many threads does a serger have?

Sergers typically have 4 threads:Upper looperLower looperRight needleLeft needleEven if a serger is a 4-thread machine, you can still use 3 threads by using only 1 needle. This is recommended for specific stitches, such as a rolled hem, where you only use the right needle.

Why are scissors used in a sewing machine?

Scissors aren't actually used IN a sewing machine. Scissors are used to cut the fabric, thread, notions, etc. that one might use to sew. There is a blade on a serger machine that cuts off the raw edge of fabric, while encasing the edge in thread.

Can a serger make buttonholes?

Sergers do not make buttonholes in clothing. They are best used for making decorative edging, gathering and seams. A regular straight edge sewing machine is best for buttonholes.

What is cone thread?

Cone thread is thread typically used on an overlock "serger" machine. It is thread wound on a cardboard or plastic cone, and is much bigger than a standard thread spool.

What are the release dates for Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Serger Crochet?

Sewing with Nancy - 1983 Serger Crochet was released on: USA: 23 September 2007

What is the sewing machine that can stitch trim and overcast all in one step?

The machine that can stitch, trim, and overcast all in one step is called a "serger" or "overlock machine".There are many different brands of sergers. There are several differences that set them apart from a standard sewing machine.The most notable difference is the number of threads. A serger has 3 or 4 spools of thread across the back, whereas a standard sewing machine has 1. A serger also has no bobbin.The multiple threads each have their own track through the machine, and they each have their own set of tension disks. The tension disks control the tension of each thread as it runs through the machine. Each tension disk will look like a knob on the front of the machine, resulting in 3 or 4 knobs across the face of the serger.Multiple threads also require multiple needles. Each thread has a purpose in creating the finished serged seam.At the base of the machine are also a set of blades. The bottom blade is stationary, and set into the machine. The top blade moves as the sewing machine feeds the fabric, trimming the fabric immediately before it is stitched.Sergers are often used in garment sewing because a serged seam covers and protects the raw edges of the fabric. This makes the finished garment more durable through multiple washings. Sergers are also preferred when working with knit fabrics, such as t-shirts. The multiple threads in the serged seam make it more flexible and less prone to thread breakage than a seam made with a standard sewing machine. Modern sewing machines often come with the option of a "stretch stitch" which holds up to the stretch of knit fabrics well, but does not create the finished look of a serger.