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What is a set of musical lines?

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staff A set of musical lines is called a staff or musical staff; more than one set; i.e. plural , would be staves. A set of musical lines is called a staff or musical staff; more than one set; i.e. plural , would be staves.

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What are the lines that musical notes are written on called?

The lines that musical notes a written on are called a musical staff, or sometimes a stave. When extra notes are required above or below the staff, they are placed on shorter lines known as ledger lines.

In which year is Grease the musical set?

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How many lines are on a musical scale?

There are 6 lines on the staff.

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What do Staff lines have to do with musical notation?

Staff lines indicated pitch.

Musical notes are writtenon 5 lines what are these lines called?

a staff!

How long is a musical verse?

16 lines

How many lines does a musical staff have?


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The element that describes the musical fabric or the relationship of musical lines within a work is called?


What is the name of the musical element that refers to the density and disposition of musical lines within a composition?


How many spaces in musical staff?

The musical staff contains five lines and four spaces.

What are people called on a set and act?

They are called acters on a set and say lines (see lines on a set)

What are musical lines similar and dissimilar?

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Why were staff lines an important improvement to musical notation?

staff lines indicted pitch

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What was Guido d'Arezzo's contribution to musical notation?

Staff lines