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What is a sewage grinder pump?

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There is a pump in your gray tank or lift station that grinds up all the solids in the tank. There are 2 types - metal impeller and plastic impeller. Metal will last longer.

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Sewage grinder pumps are designed for residential are designed for areas where a gravity system is not practical. It allows for the use of smaller diameter pumps since the contents are ground up first. sells them. They will also offer advice on how to install them yourself.

You have a grinder pump that boosts the sewage up to the main floor to enter the drain system. The float in this pump system is not working correctly and the standing water level in the tank is too high. Adjust the float, it will cure your issue.

We can help you with that. We happen to know that the professionals at are some of the best in the field. They can assist you.

No - sewage systems of any sort cannot handle tampons, thus one of the many reasos why tampons should always be wrapped-up and binned, never flush tampons.

Completely depends on the size and application. The volume of debris required to grind and the materials it's comprised of will wear the grinder teeth and impeller. I would say it's safe to assume an average 1/2 HP residential sewage grinder pump running a single family home would run at least 5 to 10 years maintenance free. 20 years wouldn't be out of the possibility, but if you have a garbage disposal, frequently dispose of chemicals down the drain, or have a lot of usage I would say 20 years wouldn't be so likely, 10 would be more realistic.

The sewage pump out is installed downstream of a bathroom group from the upstairs plumbing Consult a plumber and/or the plumbing code. If you do this wrong you WILL regret it later. Keep in mind you are dealing with raw human sewage. Do it right the first time, for your own sake.

The only place we find is Karam Brothers at 2075 West Gardner Lane, Tucson, AZ‎ - (520) 670-1266. Their website is You dont have many local options for sewage grinder pumps. I would suggest getting an online quote from

"Tank with spouts " may refer to either the 'settling tank' or the 'pump tank' in most sewage systems.

By disconnecting it from the piping , clean it off and look at the manufacturers tag

The grinder pump handles the black water from toilets. The sump pump handles the rest of the house water. Once used, it is known as grey water. And the pump directs it to the stormwater system.

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You must lift the sewage up to the place where the sewer pipe leaves the home. Most homes on level sites connected to septic systems have sewer lines close to grade level because these systems must be built shallow to perform. From the basement, sewage must be lifted up to the exit pipe usually inside the house. Plumbing drains in the basement (and this would apply to a single sink) are directed into a sump or plastic or concrete pit built into the floor of the basement inside a closet or near the outside wall. The sump is flush with the floor and has a sealed lid. In the sump is a grinder pump that grinds the sewage into a slurry and pumps it up to the sewer in a small diameter pipe where it combines with the other household sewage and flows by gravity into the municipal sewer or the septic system. Grinder stations can be installed by any plumber. They occasionally require maintenance, they make a little whirring noise a few minutes after you run water. Basement grinder stations are inferior to a gravity sewer. However many people are very happy with their basement grinders when there is no other alternative.

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Normally 3" BUT if your using a sewerage ejector you can go with a 2" grinder pump if properly vented

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