What is a sewage grinder pump?

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There is a pump in your gray tank or lift station that grinds up all the solids in the tank. There are 2 types - metal impeller and plastic impeller. Metal will last longer.

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Q: What is a sewage grinder pump?
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Do you need a sewage or grinder pump?

Depending on what. Mostly is a sewage

Who invented sewage grinder pump?

How invented sewage could you please tell me the answer How invented sewage could you please tell me the answer

How do I know when I need sewage grinder pumps?

Sewage grinder pumps are designed for residential are designed for areas where a gravity system is not practical. It allows for the use of smaller diameter pumps since the contents are ground up first.

Where can one purchase a grinder pump?

One can purchase a grinder pump from a number of local stores and online stores. Amazon, Plumbing Supply and eone sewer system are few examples of online stores where one can purchase a grinder pump.

What oil goes in a sewage pump?


How do you replace sewage grinder pumps? sells them. They will also offer advice on how to install them yourself.

Why does the basement drain backup when the basement toilet flushes or is plunged because it is clogged?

You have a grinder pump that boosts the sewage up to the main floor to enter the drain system. The float in this pump system is not working correctly and the standing water level in the tank is too high. Adjust the float, it will cure your issue.

Where can I find performance information on sewage grinder pumps?

We can help you with that. We happen to know that the professionals at are some of the best in the field. They can assist you.

Can sewage grinder pumps handle tampons?

No - sewage systems of any sort cannot handle tampons, thus one of the many reasos why tampons should always be wrapped-up and binned, never flush tampons.

A septic system with a submersible grinder effluent pump often has?

Not a complete question here.

When using a sewage pump to install a shower and toilet in a basement how do you connect the trunk line into the sewage basin?

The sewage pump out is installed downstream of a bathroom group from the upstairs plumbing Consult a plumber and/or the plumbing code. If you do this wrong you WILL regret it later. Keep in mind you are dealing with raw human sewage. Do it right the first time, for your own sake.

Should a sewage ejection pump go on everytime the toilet flushes?

No way

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