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"Asexual" reproduction is when the genetically identical offspring is produced by 1 parent, "sexual" reproduction is when 2 parents are involved in order to create genetically unique offspring.

Example 1: A dandelion has asexual reproduction, cows and bulls have sexual reproduction. Example 2: Somatic cells use asexual reproduction, humans/gametes use sexual reproduction
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Compare sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction?

sexual : in sexual reproduction, cells from two different parents unite to form the first cell of the new organism. asexual : in asexual reproduction, a single parent produces offspring that are identical to itself.

Advantages of sexual and asexual reproduction?

Briefly, asexual reproduction allows an organism to quickly reproduce, without wasting energy on courting a mate, and enables reproduction even if that organism can't find another of it's species at the time. Sexual reproduction allows for genetic variation in the offspring, as the combination of ge ( Full Answer )

What is asexual and sexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction is reproducing with a sperm and egg, so it needs to parents. Asexual reproduction is reproducing with just one parent.

Compare asexual and sexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction . Two parents usually needed . Gametes have to join together (male gamete (e.g. sperm) and female gamete (eggs) . the new organisms formed have traits from the parents Asexual reproduction . only one parent is needed . there is no joining together of gametes . the new ( Full Answer )

What are the differences of sexual and asexual reproduction?

Asexual organisms can produce offspring on their own,a plants arm falling off and the arm turns into a plant is a example of this.Sexual organisms need a partner to produce offspring,humans are a example of sexual reproducers.

Asexual and sexual reproduction?

sexual is when you need to individuals to reproduce and asexual iswhen an organism can reproduce it selft Sexual is where you need two gender types e.g. Humans whileasexually is where a organism can create life without two gendertypes or with out fertisilation (it does it by its self) e.g.onions Ho ( Full Answer )

Compare sexual and asexual reproduction?

differences: 1) sexual reproduction involves two parent to produce one or more new organisms while asexual reproduction involves one parent to produce one or more new organisms. 2) in sexual reproduction off-springs are not identical to their parents while in asexual reproduction off-springs are ide ( Full Answer )

How are sexual and asexual reproduction alike?

1.They both can duplicate into two or more offspring. 2.Both can produce offspring (obviously) 3.The offspring is the same species as the "parent" 4.Invovle at least 1 "parent" 5.The offspring are also able to reproduce.

What are the disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction?

sexual reproduction doesn't yield as many offspring. asexual makes exact replicas, so if one is mutated all its offspring will be too. asexual takes longer for the organism to evolve unless there are helpful mutations.

How is sexual reproduction different from asexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction requires male and female partners to make offspring. Half of the parents genes will be transported to the offspring(baby). Asexual offspring does not require partners to make offspring. Since only one person made the offspring all of the parents genes will go to the offspring and ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction?

disadvantages of sexual reproduction: - need 2 parents (if one species dies out; can't produce anything) - can spread disease - not quick - may be mutations advantages of asexual reproduction: disadvantages of asexual reproduction: - exact copy - no diversity - if a disease is genetica ( Full Answer )

Advantages of asexual and sexual reproduction?

Basically, sexual reproduction allows for variety of the offspring because it is receiving genes from both parents, allowing a greater chance off survival during a disaster to that species. Asexual allows reproductions to occur much faster, therefore allowing that organisms species to out compete ( Full Answer )

Asexual vs sexual reproduction?

i think sexual reproduction is better because it provides the baby with more characteristics to life and how to live it sexully/ asexul reproduction just is plan strange

When compared to asexual reproduction sexual reproduction?

This isn't even a question.... But Asexual reproduction does not require two beings of the same specials to produce offspring, while sexual reproduction does. Wikipedia's definition certainly needs some fine tuning. If any one has a better answer, please correct me, and go add a section to wiki. Th ( Full Answer )

How are asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction different?

I will refer to asexual reproduction as A and sexual reproduction as S *A involves one parent. S involves 2 parents. *A has same genetic material. S has varied genetic material. *The offspring or cells in A produce identical clones. Offspring in S are different (due to variation) * Division ( Full Answer )

Advantage of sexual and asexual reproduction?

ASEXUAL reproduction, ( used by bacteria, etc), is able to be used immediately, if conditions are suitable for reproduction, without energy used to find, court, &/or fight for a mate or raise offspring. Advantage AND disadvantage is the the gene pool is very compressed and genetic changes, variants ( Full Answer )

How is sexual an asexual reproduction related?

In asexual production only one organism is needed to produce offspring and in sexual reproduction, two organisms are needed to produce offspring. If you want more information, go to this website: http://biology.about.com/od/genetics/a/aa031105a.htm

Comparison of sexual and asexual reproduction?

\nsexual reproduction:\n(process by which new organisms develop from joining of male sperm cells to female egg cells)\n\n1. sexual reproduction is required to become successful over long periods of time.\n2. two parents are involved.\n3. meiosis takes place and gametes are formed.\n4. genetic co ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage of sexual and asexual reproduction?

Advantages of Sexual Reproduction . The new organisms or off-springs are not identical to each other nor to their parents. This variation allows for differential survival in different situations. If all organisms of a species is genetically the same, then they all survive or die together. Howeve ( Full Answer )

Do humans do sexual or asexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction is reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete. These gametes must come from two organisms, a male and a female. Asexual reproduction is reproduction through cloning or budding. Humans reproduce sexually.

How are asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction how are they different?

\nAsexual reproduction is carried out by primitive organisms and cells which is simply the division of in cell into two.\nin higher organisms it takes place by budding, in which the animal has an outgrowth which then brakes of into a new organism. Plants like ferns also reproduce by asexual reproduc ( Full Answer )

Do roundworms have sexual or asexual reproduction?

Roundworms reproduces sexually ... . .. the female has an ovary, holds eggs in the oviduct that then move to the uterus, where they are fertilized as normal. The male has sperm cells are made conventionaly in the testis as in other spieces that reproduce sexualy.

Does a clam have sexual or asexual reproduction?

\nClams have sexual reproduction. A male clam releases his sperm into the water at the same time that a female clam releases her eggs into the water. Somehow the male and female clams know how to do it at the same time and somehow the sperm and the eggs get together.

Is meiosis sexual or asexual reproduction?

I've been studying meiosis and mitosis a lot in class, and if theres one thing I've learned from all this jibber jabber, it's that meiosis occurs in sexual reproduction, and mitoses ioccurs in asexual reproduction. Another difference would be the fact that during meiosis, the cell divides 2 times ( Full Answer )

Differtiat sexual reproduction to asexual reproduction?

Firstly, sexual reproduction requires the fusion of male and female gametes, in a process known as fertilisation, while on the other hand, asexual reproduction does not require the fusion of gametes.. Secondly, sexual reproduction results in the offspring of the parents to have traits of both paren ( Full Answer )

Differentiate sexual and asexual reproduction?

Asexual Reproduction Asexual reproduction is a type of reproduction in which an individual organism produces an offspring that is genetically identical to itself through a process called mitosis. Sexual Reproduction Sexual reproduction is a type of reproduction in which two individual organisms p ( Full Answer )

Differences of asexual and sexual reproduction?

asexual reproduction is when there is only one parent in the picture. it means that you do not need another one of those species to complete the process. sexual reproduction is where there are two parents (human reproduction is an example of this)

What does asexual and sexual reproduction have in common?

Sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction both result in offspring. Sexual reproduction involves two parents, while asexual reproduction involves one parent (usually a cell) splitting and creating a duplicate of itself.

What are the disadvantages of sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction?

Because sexual reproduction requires a partner for an organism to be capable of reproducing, a colony of said organisms will die out if there is a lack of fertile partners. However, asexual reproduction does not require a partner, so asexual organisms do not have this problem. A disadvantage of a ( Full Answer )

How does asexual reproduction compare with sexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction only involves mitosis, or binary fission. This leads to clones with identical genotypes. This also results in low genetic variation within a species. Sexual reproduction uses meiosis, indeed, sexual reproduction is the only function of meiosis. In meiosis, the first step ( Full Answer )

What are sexual and asexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction is when you need two beings to reproduce. for example: Humans need the sperm and the egg to create a baby. Asexual reproduction is when the being has both sex cells within it's body it does not need a partner to create an offspring. for example: amoebas.

Is arthropods reproduction sexual or asexual?

Most often in Arthropods, reproduction is by regular sexual reproduction i.e. by union of a sperm and egg. But variations of the usual process do occur. Aphids (class Insecta), for example, commonly reproduce by parthenogenesis, egg development without fertilization , and produce only females. But l ( Full Answer )

Example of sexual and asexual reproduction?

Asexual is an example of fungi because they do not need another organism to reproduce. Animals use sexual reproduction because there needs to be a male and a female.

How is the process of sexual and asexual reproduction different?

Sexual reproduction is with two parents and takes one sperm and one egg cell to create one embryo. The two parents and the offspring have different genetic information. Asexual reproduction is with one parent and both the parent and the offspring have the same genetic information, duh.

Why is sexual reproduction superior to asexual reproduction?

While sexual reproduction provides variety in the offspring and natural selection, asexual reproduction will produce clones with all the genetic faults that the parent has in the offspring (this is not the case if the offspring are mutated). There are some drawbacks to sexual reproduction though. Fo ( Full Answer )

What is asexual reproduction versus sexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction is basically the act of an organism making an exact copy of itself without the help of another organism, while sexual reproduction is the act of two organisms crossing their genetics to create offspring.