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the only thing I can think of is a sachet

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What is another word for a seahorses pouch?

The pouch is also called the "brood pouch".

What is an animal pouch called?

A marsupial's pouch is a marsupium.

Kangaroo have pouch?

The female kangaroo does: her brood pouch.

What is a pouch bag?

When referring to marsupials, the pouch is called a marsupium.

What are kangaroos that carry their young in their pouch called?

All species of kangaroos carry their young in their pouch. Kangaroos are marsupials and the pouch is a marsupium. Almost all marsupials have a pouch.

What is the pouch of skin that contains the testes called?

The pouch of skin that contains the testes is called the scrotum.

Kangaroo's pouch for holding a baby?

A kangaroo's pouch is called just that: a pouch. The biological term is marsupium.

Does an opposum have a pouch?

Yes, Opossums do have aPouch...These animals are called Marsupialia

What is the name of a marsupials pouch?

Generally it's just called a pouch.

What is a Kock pouch also called?

A Kock pouch is sometimes called a continent ileostomy because it is drained with a tube

Where do kangaroos keep their young?

Kangaroos keep their young, called joeys, in a pouch at the front of their abdomen. This pouch is called a marsupium.

What is an anatomical pouch called?

If the question is referring to the pouch of a marsupial, its proper name is marsupium.

What is a kangaroo's pouch called?

A kangaroo's pouch is actually called a marsupium. Most (not all) marsupials have pouches, or marsupia.The purpose of the marsupium, or pouch, is to shelter the joey until it is fully developed. Newborn joeys crawl into the mother's pouch where they latch onto a teat, which swells in their mouth, securing them in the pouch.

How do you spell shampoo in French?

shampoo is called du shampoing (masc.)

Area between the uterus and the rectum?

Area between uterus and rectum is called as recto-uterine pouch or pouch of Douglas. The fold of peritoneum is there in this pouch.

What are animal pouches called?

An animal's pouch is called a marsupium.

What is the name of the pouch sugar gliders have?

Any marsupial's pouch (including that of the sugar glider) is called a marsupium.

What is the pouch like area at the front of a turkeys throat?

The pouch on the front of a Turkey's area is called a wattle.

What is a protrusion of the rectum through the wall of the vagina?

A pouch from the rectum is called a rectocele. A pouch from the bladder is a cystocele.

What is a penguins pouch called?

penguins do not have a pouch, they put the egg between their legs and cover it with their body fat

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