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asymmetrical charge distribution

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What causes polarity in water molecule?

the unequal sharing of electrons causes polarity in water molecules

What causes the polarity of a water molecule?

the unequal sharing of electrons

What property of water causes many of its properties?

The polarity of the water molecule is responsible for most of water's properties.

Are The properties of water are due to the polarity of the water molecule?

Yes, the properties of water are due to the polarity of the water molecule. water is cohesive because the Hydrogen end of the water molecule is attracted to the Oxygen end of other molecules.

Is water polar molecule?

Yes, water is a polar molecule. It has a positively charged end and a negatively charged end, causing the molecules to line up. It is this polarity that causes water to have surface tension.

Why is water versatile molecules?

Water is a versatile molecule because of its polarity.

Which characteristic of water is represented by its ability to act as a lubricant?

The polarity of the water molecule, which causes hydrogen bonds to form between the water molecules, is the characteristic that enables it to act as a lubricant.

Why does water have strong hydrogen bonds?

The polarity of H2O molecule

Is distilled water polar?

Yes. Polarity is an inherent property of the water molecule.

How does water become polar molecule?

becase of the polarity in water it is ver soluble

What is the difference between individual bond polarity and molecular polarity?

bond polarity is the polarity particular bond within a molecule, while molecular polarity is the polarity of the whole molecule. take for example water (H20): you could find the bond polarity of each H-0 bond (polar covalent), or the polarity of the whole molecule together (polar, because the electronegativity of oxygen is higher than the hydrogen atoms)

How does a drawing of polarity water and the bond polarities make a major contribution to the overall molecular polarity look?

The polarity is a vector quantity. The resultant of the polarity of bonds determines the polarity of the molecule. In CO2 there is polarity between the two C-O but the polarity is equal and opposite in direction so CO2 doesn't have polarity. If the polarity of bonds is not cancelled then the polarity remains in the molecule.

What is the polarity of a water molecule?

· Hydrogen bonds · Weak bonds that form due to the polarity of the water molecule · Cohesion · Attraction of molecules to the same substance · Adhesion · Attraction of molecules to different substances

What causes water to be a polor molecule?

Oxygen is a highly electronegative element that draws electrons towards itself causing an imbalance of charge and hence polarity.

What is polarity caused by?

Polarity is mainly caused by electronegative between atoms in a molecule. Water molecules are a good example of polarity where there is unequal sharing of electrons.

What is meant by polarity and polar molecule?

Molecules that are said to be polar are hydrophylic or can be dissolved in water. Polarity refers to the type of bond shared by the chemical make-up of the molecule.

Describe the polarity of a water molecule?

The oxygen molecule is slightly negative and the hydrogen molecules are slightly positive.

How do polar bonds affect the polarity of a molecule?

This question is reversed in terms of the correct cause and effect relationships. Polarity of the molecule is driven by electronegativity, with the oxygen in water as a prime example. In turn this electronegativity causes the bend in the water molecule and thus its characteristic dipole moment. This moment serves to allow hydrogen bonding. This is the core relationship between polar bonds and molecular polarities.

What can be attributed to the polarity of the water molecule?

the electronegatitivity difference between the H and the O atoms lead to the polarity of the water molecules and therefore its bent structure

How does unequal sharing of electrons cause water to be A polar molecule?

Because of the unequal sharing of electrons, a water molecule becomes polar because the hydrogen end of the molecule is slightly positive, and the oxygen end is slightly negative. This gives the water polarity, similar to the polarity of a magnet.

How does polarity help the water molecule?

Water has hydrogen bonding , high specific heat , polar , dissolves all polar and ionic compounds due to polarity .

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