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a solution is when all the substances are evenly distributed and also involves two metals called alloys; results when the solute dissolves in a solvent. suspension is a uniform mixture that contains particles large enough to see.

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How is the difference between a solution and a suspension?

the difference between solution and suspension is that solution is resolved and suspension is a punishment for a lack of responsibility in a way,..

What is the different between solution and suspension?

Suspension will have residue after filtration, but solution will not.

Is cream a solution or suspension?

i think it's a colloid- which is the mixture that is in between a solution and suspension.

Is orange juice a solution or suspension?

Orange juice from concentrate would be a solution, although real orange juice is neither a solution or a suspension. The major difference between solution and suspension is that a solution is a homogeneous mixture, and a suspension is heterogeneous.

What is the difference between solution colloid and suspension?

I think the solution colloid can get through the filter paper but suspension can't.

How do you tell the difference between a solution and a suspension?

The traditional test is that a suspension scatters at least some of any light that passes through the suspension, while a solution does not.

Is suspension a true solution?

A solution is a homogeneous liquid, a suspension is not homogeneous. A suspension is not a true solution.

What is the difference between a solution and suspension?

solution is transparent whereas suspension is not transparent. particles in solution are of size less than 100nm.but particles of suspension are of size more than 1000nm.solution is homogeneous mixture whereas suspension is heterogeneous mixture. solution doesn't exhibit Tyndall effect or brownian movement.but suspension exhibits it....

Watt are the Similarities and difference between suspension and emulsion free polymerization?

Well a suspension is a solution that settles and a emulsion is a solution that seperates into layers

What lies between a solution and a suspension?

You think probably to colloidal solutions.

Biscuits and gravy a solution or suspension?

Biscuit is a solid, not a solution or suspension.

Is a mixture a solution or suspension?

A mixture may be a solution, a suspension, etc.

Is blood a solution suspension or a colloid?

is blood a solution, suspension, or colloid

What are the differences between a solution suspension and a colloid?

what are the differences between the volume of a solutions molecules and the colloid

How does a solution compare to a suspension in pharmaceutics?

A solution is a homogeneous liquid, a suspension is not homogeneous.

Is hand lotion a suspension or solution?

hand lotion is a suspension, OBVIUSLY

Is salad a suspension or a solution?

A salad is neither a suspension or a solution, it's a mixture.

Are Colloids true solutions?

No, they have intermediate properties between suspension and true solution.

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