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What is a sissy?


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December 22, 2017 2:47AM

It is a slang term for a somewhat over-cautious or cowardly boy, not the type to indulge in Halloween pranks, clearly. The probable origin , which somewhat implies effeminne category comes from (Sister) which could also imply piety-Sisters of Charity, for example. By the way a similar, almost synonym for the sissy- or chicken type was , and it was more common in the sixties - was Mary. Used in the slogan, which this writer recalls at a summer camp- John Franconeri-(which means Black stamp, by the way) -he acts like a Mary! clearly rhyming slang.

A sissy can also refer to a role in emasculation fetish play. The role is that of a man who has surrendered or been stripped of the prerogatives and symbols of manhood.

Asissy is a boy who acts like a girl eg put on makeup,pants the nails nice. put on there couthes sissy are mostly boys with no male role model but then they may have been put in a dress or skirts and then they like it.