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If you look on the back it mite have a small violin mark where the eyes are. If it does, the its a brown recluse spider do not touch!

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Is it the male or female red back spider which is the more poisonous?

The female. The female is the only one with a red stripe on its back; the male is small, brown and very inconspicuous.

What kind of spider is a small black spider with a red stripe and on the stripe black dots?

I'm pretty sure that's a black widow. If the stripe is on its back then it is probably a variation of a velvet ant, it on the belly side, most likely a black widow

What kind of beetles are small dark brown and have a light brown stripe?

it could be a Brown Prioia and its scientific name is Ortosomo Brunnem

What kind of spider is light brown with brown stripes on its legs?

if it is a small spider then I'm geussing that it is a wolf spider (shudder) or more commonly known as a garden spider maybe?

How do you know if a wooly bear is a boy or girl?

You can by looking at their stripe of brown and seeing if it is big or small.

What does a brown recluse spider eat?

cockroaches, crickets, and other small insects.

What do spider monkeys look like?

they are black small ruddy gold brown

What do spider monkey look like?

small, brown, orange, and a long tail.

What is the name of a spider with 3 orange dots on back?

Possibly a redback-.. they have a body with a prominent red stripe on the upper side (i.e. the back) of her abdomen. ... The stripe is sometimes broken or looks like small red dots.

What spider is all white with a single red stripe down it's back?

Small white spider with red stripes are called Goldenrod crab spiders it could be a juvenile redback spider. some kinds are white when they are young but as they mature they darken

What are the key features of a brown recluse spider?

A brown recluse spider may be identified by its small size and unique eye arrangement. Brown recluse spiders are highly poisonous and found in several regions of the United States.

Do redback spiders live in Australia?

The Red-back spider (Latrodectus hasselti) is commonly found in Australia. They are a small black venomous spider with long thin legs, and the females have a red stripe on their globular abdomen.

What does the Brown recluse spider eat?

The quick answer is insects, live insects, dead insects, both small and large. They feed on them all. There are very few insects that a brown recluse spider will not eat.

What kind of spider is kinda small and has long legs small head is brown?

Sounds like a common wolf spider they are small but bigger than some other spiders which makes look like it is kinda small it has long legs almost like a daddy long leg it also has a brown head

What kind of British spider has a yellow body with a broad red stripe down its back and is fairly small about 3mm?

It is hard to know for certain without seeing a picture. However, this spider is most likely the Enoplognatha ovata.

What are small flesh colored bugs that bite?

the only one i know is the brown recluse spider.

What do spider monkey's look like?

Spider monkey are kinda tiny they are usually black or brown. They have big eyes and small faces they are also sometimes really furry.

What are examples of adjectives for the word spider?

creepy, crawly, spooky, scary, black, brown, small, deadly, disgusting, icky...

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