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You should see a doctor. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Your male hamster has a swollen but what is it?

That's it's testis... or gonads, to be informal. My hamster had it and I was increasingly getting worried, and when it went through the breeding proccess... well.. I found out.

Will your eye get swollen from getting sperm in you?

No it will not.

Is a swollen appendix worth getting out?

A swollen apendix could burst, causing a serious life threatening condion.

Why would I have swollen lymph nodes?

You may be getting sick with a flu of some sort if your lymph nodes are swollen.

What is an angry wound?

Usually, that term refers to a wound that is or is becoming infected. The area surrounding the wound will be red, warm and swollen.

Why do i have Pain redness swollen under left eye?

your getting pink eye

How long will lip be swollen after getting it pierced?

anywhere from 7-10 days.

What are the symptoms of orbital cellulitis?

Infection of the tissues surrounding the eye causes redness, swollen eyelids, severe pain, and causes the eye to bulge out

How long should a tongue be swollen after getting pierced?

Usually no longer than a month.

What if your cats tummy is swollen?

If it's a female and not fixed, you may be getting more cats

What does it mean when your arm is swollen?

i think it means when your arm is getting a bump that's getting bigger and bigger and its purple tats what i think

What are areloas?

Well, Areola is the pigmented skin around the nipples, however, it can also refer to the swollen area surrounding a pimple. Hope this answers your question.

Swollen nipple female bichon frise?

If her nipples are getting bigger then chances are she's on heat.

Does your belly button stay swollen for a month after getting it pierced?

Swelling might be a sign of infection

You are getting swollen breasts at ovulation is this normal?

Swelling and tenderness of the breasts around ovulation time can be normal.

What are the symptoms of swollen back?

Your back is...swollen? Swollen back IS a symptom.

How does water hyacinth has swollen leaf stalk help the animal?

Swollen leaf stalk of water hyacinth keep this herb floating in water. The animals getting trapped in the water body containing water hyacinth escape from drowning due to floating herb by its swollen leaf stalk.

What could be wrong if my breasts have never been swollen before a period but now day 25 they're swollen and they hurt really bad especially the nipples?

Swollen, tender breasts can be the first sign of pregnancy. It was for me, but I just though it was a little worse than usual and I was getting my period lol.

Can pregnancy give you a lump in your breast?

they are milk producing glands become swollen, your breasts are getting ready for lactation.

What causes a kitten to have a swollen rectum that is leaking a clear liquid and around his eyes are getting red?

The Herpes you gave it.

What are swollen roots?

a root that is swollen

Is it possible to have Swollen breasts just 18 days into cycle?

you should not have swollen breasts when you get your period, if they feel like they are getting bigger, this is a sign of being pregnant. Your nipples will also get darker in color and your breasts will be tender to the touch.

How long will your lobe piercing be sore and swollen for?

Ive had my ear lobe pierced for about 12 weeks, and it just started not getting swollen and sore about 4 weeks ago. So id say about 4-7 weeks

What is the meaning of swollen moon?

swollen moon

Tear duct in one eye is red and swollen?

it can be from rubbing your eye with force, maybe getting something in your eye, or allergies.