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It is hard to say without seeing it, but it could just be and ingrown hair. Also, near the bottom of you vagina are the Bartholin Glands which can become infected and cause the symptoms you describe, although they are not small, about the size of a dime, and quite painful prior to the release of the pus.

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What is a small bump inside your vagina lip?


A tiny hard bump in the lip of your vagina?


What does it mean when you get a bump on your vagina lip after sex?


What does it mean when you have a bump on your vagina lip?

Go and see a doctor.

How can you tell if a bump on your lip is cancer?

The best way is to do a biopsy. But a bump on the lip can be many things.

Bump in lip?

A bump in the lip may be caused by a blow to the mouth or hitting the mouth against a hard surface. The lip swells and forms a bump, with possible bruising. Try and apply an ice pack to the bump as soon after injury as possible to reduce swelling.

Bump on my lower lip line started a small red pimple when i popped it a little bit of puss and water came out and it bled a bit now its bigger and unsymmetrical but it doesnt tingle or itc?

it is a bump/looked like a zit at the beginning on my bottom lip right on the lip line.

What happens when you get a bump on your lip?


Bump on lip?

A bump on your lip would be an ulcer. It could also be a cold sore. If you are concerned, or if it hurts badly, see a doctor.

Bump on vaginal lip?

A bump on the vaginal lip could be anything from an infection to cancer. There is no way to tell without seeing a physician.

What do you do when you have a bump on your lip?

Best choice for this is butter.

What causes the small white irritating bump on your tongue?

It is a type of herpes, just like a cold sore on your lip is a type of herpes virus.

What is a bump on your lip that don't hurt even if you pick at it?

It's only a skin tag, which has no matter, but i also can be a pimple that you were too late of popping, so it formed to your skin. It wont hurt you, but you can freeze it off if its a big problem

Can you get a cold sore on your vaginia from someones lip?

The virus can transfer from a cold sore on a lip to the vagina.

Does kissing lip to lip cause pregnancy?

No, semen needs to get into the vagina to be able to make a baby.

What causes a white bump on the inside of the bottom lip?

You're probably chewing your lip, or you accidently bite that area.

What is a bump that looks like a pimple on your lip?

Canker of Kanker Sore most likely if it's on the inside of the lip.

Where does Justin Bieber have his mole?

outer lip of his vagina

Could it be an infection if there is a very hard bump inside a lip piercing?

It might be a keloid, which is a bump made from overgrown tissue or scarring often caused by ear piercing... It could be possible in the lip.

What does it mean if you have a bump on your lip?

Well, it means you can have Herpes of the lips. I think that is called Herpes simplex. Also, it doesn't have to be Herpes. You could have bit your lip, popped something, or did something else. But if that bump on your lip is a cold sore, it basically means you have Herpes simplex.

Can you get a bump on your lip if you kiss someone?

Yes, it is a virus called oral herpes which manifests itself as a cold sore, or "bump".

What if you have one small bump on the left side of your lip?

If acne products don't seem to work, ask your doctor for his/her input on how to get rid of it...... it's really not that hard...=)

Why is there a bump on my lip after touching a mushroom?

you probably are allergic, but you didn't know it.

Very painful lump on the lip of my vagina.?

Doctor. Fast.

How do you make the swelling on your lip go down from popping a pimple just under your lower lip?

that once happened to me. if it burns put cooling spray on it.

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