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I have it too,it's either lymphoma(the feared by all lymph node cancer),a cyst,a regural bump(happens to kids when the grow between the years of 13 and 18 or something else i didn't think of.If you dont have lymphoma symptoms,don't warry,the medicine today is capable of miracles,even lymphoma can be healed.

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If the hair bulb comes out with the hair will the hair grow back?

It most likely will but if it doesnt dont get worried It most likely will but if it doesnt dont get worried

What does it mean if your throat doesnt stop hurting?

You may have a sore throat, it will go away with time and cough drops help the pain. If it does not improve in a week, go to the doctor.

Red spot 2 3rds of the way up your penis its small and doesnt hurt should you be worried?

Ask your doctor.... I'm sure no one here knows.

What if you have sharp pain for about 15sec in stomach is dat pregnancy?

it could be something as simple as you ate something that doesnt agree with you. if your that worried you should go see a doctor or just buy a pregnancy test.

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i would be very worried if my boyfriend said he would call me and he did not

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no naah, im the same

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he doesnt really know about what his son is doing but he is worried about him in his letters he doesnt want to interfere with his studies though

What causes bleeding behind the eye My grandfather has this and apparently if he doesnt treat it it can cause cancer The treatment is 3000 per session up to 6 sessions?

im a diabetic have bleeding behind eye going to doctor next week what can be done

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its almost impossible to dump a guy without hurting their feelings you'll just have to tell him the truth and hope he doesnt get to upset.

How do you identify Medicare scams?

if the doctor doesnt have a lisence

Red spot 2 3rds of the way up your forskin its small and doesnt hurt should you be worried?

Id get that checked out. Id be worried as all hell if anything was on my johnson!

What would a pea sized painful bump behind right ear be?

probably a cyst,specially if hurts is a kind of inflamation that couldn't get out and gets into a cyste! if doesnt burst open,go to a doctor and get it extracted.

When a guy fingers a girl should his finger smell weird?

if it doesnt smell of femine poo you should be worried

What does it mean if a guy texts you and when you reply he doesnt answer?

Well , maybe he has a life and is busy . You shouldn't get worried . Just text him .

Should you be worried if your ankle is swollen after 3 weeks?

you should go to the doctors if the swell doesnt go away.

What are doctors masks used for?

doctor masks are used so the doctor doesnt get sick or incase the doctor is sick he cant contaminate the room lol

Is it normal to get an eye pimple?

im no doctor but that doesnt sound normal

How does Bruno feel about Gretel joining the Hitler Youth?

he feels worried and scared about her because he doesnt know whats going on.

How do you love somebody who doesnt love you back?

Well i will say froget about him/her cause your just hurting your self it always happens to people but they move on:]

Your sister always gives you makeovers and you like it but your stepmom doesnt what do you do?

do it behind her back

What if your 15 and a boy and you have little lumps under your nipples they are really sensitive?

I went to the doctor for that and he said they are normal and called breast buds, but if you are worried it doesnt hurt to see a doctor, google it too ...It's called gynomecastea. It sometimes develops during puberty for males. It may go away and it may not. It is often genetic, and there is a surgery for it but is not always necessary

How do you get rid of a sty?

get a medicine that treats styes and if that doesnt work go to the doctor

What is the difference between doctor and medic?

doc has medical degree, medic doesnt

Is there white magic using severed crow heads?

no, but they make good pies (white magic doesnt involve hurting any living creature )

What was the purpose behind inventing the flushing toilet?

so you dont have to look at it and it doesnt smell.