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What is a small moveable lump on the left jaw line?

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It could be a cyst. It also could be Castlemans disease

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Pain below ear on jaw line feels bruised with small lump?

no lump

Small lump of left side of head above ear?

A small lump on the left side of the head could possibly be a cyst. However, only a medical professional can determine the cause for a lump on the head.

Small moveable lump on right jawline?

I have the same thing. I was recommend by my dentist to go see someone but my physician said it was lymph node.

Is having a moveable lump on lower neck causing numbness in upper right side of back?


What is causes a small hard lump on your cheek near your laugh line?

Not brushing your teeth

Moveable lump on collarbone what could it be?

I have one myself. Mine is a harmless, soft, fatty tumor called a lipoma. If your lump is hard and/or painful see a doctor.

What can a small lump be on the left side of my neck just under my jaw line?

You should definitely have this checked by your doctor. It could be serious, or totally benign... Usually a small lump right under the jaw will be a swollen lymph node (or some people call them lymph "glands"), which can indicate infection somewhere in your body. Another possibility is inflammation on the left carotid artery.

What can cause a small lump on the back of left side of neck in a female age 32 no kids it often gets warm painful to touch?

Im 13 and i have the exact same thing a lump on the left side of my neck it's really small .

What is a lump the size and shape of a small egg in right side of back just above the waist line?

lump has been diagnosed as a sort tissue cyst

What is a small soft lump on back of neck on the spine accompanied by general soreness in area?

If it's easily moveable, it's most likely a sebaceous cyst. If so, picking at it will cause it to become sore.

What could be a small painless hard veinless lump between pubic and left thigh be?

...many things

I have had a Small lump right behind my left ear it does not hurt.?

It could just be a swollen lymph-node.

Should you be concerned about a small wide lump on the left side of your back?

Any lump should be checked out by your doctor. 9 chances out of 10 it is nothing, but it will put your mind to rest.

Your dog has a small lump on the left side of her rib cage is this serious?

Found a hard lump on the side of my dog. Not sore to touch. No tick entrance. Solid mase not liquid

What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

Big lump on left side of breast?

found big big lump on left side of the breast.

Small lump in your left thumb and it is not your knuckle What is it?

it could be ganglion which is a harmless cyst.medical treatment for this is aspiration of cyst or minor surgery

What is the small lump under the skin on your calf?

A small lump on your calf could be a cyst. It is best to have this checked by a doctor to be sure.

What is the cause of a small lump behind the left ear?

You should eat less greasy foods. It seems to be a build up of fat.

Husband has a lump on left breast and pain could it be cancer?

my husband found a lump on his left breast. Its very painful, also his left shoulder has been hurting

I have a small lump on the left side of my neck directly below my ear lobe what could this be?

I had one. It was surgically removed and benign. Get it checked out by your doctor.

What is a small lump on the right side of your neck underneath your ear?

i get a small lump under my ear when i have an infection, lymph nodes (sp) get inflamed.

What is a small soft and painless lump near the left temple that has been there for 2 to 3 years now?

It is most likely some type of cyst. You should have the lump looked at by your local doctor to rule out anything serious.Ê

What could a small hard but not painful lump below a left ear be if there is another lump a few inches below it on the neck?

don't ever have a lump on your ear or else you are gonna have trouble hearing things and than after you get better you will become death in about 1 day so don't ever get a lump on your ear or else that means trouble. lolololololololololololololololololololol

What is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of back?

what is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of the back what is a hard lump that does not move on the lower left side of the back That would be your hip