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A small river or creek can be called either of the following:

  • Brook
  • Stream
  • Rill
  • Rivulet
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Q: What is a small river or creek called?
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What is a small creek or river?

A small river or creek can be called either of the following:BrookStreamRillRivulet

What is another name for a small river?

A small river is sometimes called a brook. Although it can also be refereed to as a stream or a creek.

What is the name of small river?

Depending on how small it is, it could be called a brook, stream, creek, or run.

Beginning of a river?

The beginning of the river usually starts in mountainsided areas or in small lakes. It is also called a creek or stream.

Is creek a pronoun?

No, it is not. The word creek is a noun (small river or stream).

Is creek smaller than a river?

a creek is not bigger than the sea.most seas are as small as a river.

A small river or creek?

it acually is a brook

What do you call a small river or creek?

A stream.

How many rivers are in Ohio?

82. 51 called rivers. 31 called creeks. * Alum Creek * Ashtabula River * Auglaize River * Big Darby Creek * Big Walnut Creek * Black River * Blacklick Creek * Black Fork Mohican River * Blanchard River * Chagrin River * Chippewa Creek * Clear Fork Mohican River * Conneaut Creek * Cuyahoga River * Duck Creek * Euclid Creek * Flatrock Creek * Green Creek * Grand River * Great Miami River (Miami River) * Hocking River * Huff Run * Huron River * Killbuck Creek * Kokosing River * Lake Fork Mohican River * Licking River * Little Auglaize River * Little Cuyahoga River * Little Beaver Creek * Little Darby Creek * Little Hocking River * Little Miami River * Little Muskingum River * Little Ottawa River * Little Sandusky River * Little Scioto River (tributary of Ohio River) * Little Scioto River (tributary of Scioto River) * Loramie Creek * Mad River * Mahoning River * Maumee River * Mill Creek * Mississinewa River * Mohican River * Monday Creek * Moxahala Creek * Muskingum River * Nimishillen Creek * Ohio Brush Creek * Ohio River * Olentangy River * Ottawa River (tributary of the Auglaize River) * Ottawa River (Toledo) * Paint Creek * Portage River * Rattlesnake Creek * Rocky River * St. Joseph River * St. Marys River * Sandusky River * Sandy Creek * Scioto River * Shade River * Shenango River * Stillwater River * Styx River * Sugar Creek * Sunday Creek * Symmes Creek * Tiffin River * Tinkers Creek * Toussaint River * Tuscarawas River * Vermilion River * Wabash River * Wakatomika Creek * Walhonding River * Wheeling Creek * Whitewater River * Wills Creek * Wolf Creek

What is called a shallow crossing in a river?


What is a small stream that leads off a main river?

a creek

What are small creeks called?

A small creek could be called a rivulet.

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