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A smart bomb is a explosive thing that has a navigation guidance system, such as a built-in GPS, that allows it to chase down the enemy's butt by itself without a suicidal pilot.

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Q: What is a smart bomb?
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How does one create a smart bomb?

While there may be multiple ways of putting together a smart bomb, most of that information is unknown by anyone who does not develop them for military use. A smart bomb is primarily used by the military.

What is the difference between a dumb bomb and a smart bomb?

a dumb bomb just falls with gravity when dropped, a smart bomb has some sort of guidance system, a way of correcting its flight path all the way to the target.

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If the enemy is always moving then a smart bomb will have the power to chase down the enemy troop's butt no matter how far they travel, whilst a gravity bomb is just dropped instead of guiding itself into the enemy lands.

Why neutron bomb is known as smart bomb?

It is not. A "smart" bomb is one with a guidance system that guides it directly to the target. A "Neutron" bomb is a specialized form of nuclear weapon that produces relatively little blast, but releases more immediate nuclear radiation than most other nuclear weapons

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