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Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are polymeric smart materials that have the ability to return from a deformed state (temporary shape) to their original (permanent) shape induced by an external stimulus (trigger), such as temperature change.

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Q: What is a smart memory polymer?
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What is a special polymer?

It is a polymer which has special properties such as a memory shape polymer.

Is a smart polymer good for the environment?

No it is not

Types of smart polymers?

Smart polymer is a polymer that changes its characteristic depending on what environment it is in. This factor can be tmeperature, PH, intensity of light or electric field.

How do stitches made from smart polymers work?

When a shape memory polymer is used to stitch a wound loosely, the temperature of the body makes the thread tighten and close the wound, applying just the right amount of force. This is an example of a 'smart' polymer. i.e. one that changes in response to changes around it. In this case a change in temperature causes the polymer to change its shape. Later, after the wound is healed, the material is designed to dissolve and is harmlessly absorbed by the body. Hope this helps:)

What makes a smart polymer smart?

First let's define what a polymer is. A polymer is just a large molecule with repeating sub-units. Polymers are very common. Plastics are polymers, but so are many important biological molecules. So, for example, PVC pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride, an organic molecule, is the repeating sub-unit. Polystyrene is made from repeating sub-units of styrene, another organic moleucle. DNA is a biological polymer made of repeating sub-units of adenine, guanine, thymine, and uracil. Proteins are also biological polymers that are made of sub-units called amino acids. A smart polymer is not a polymer with a high IQ, it's a polymer that is able to adapt according to the environment that it is in. Smart polymers are also sometimes called stimuli responsive polymers. A smart polymer could be sensitive to temperature, pressure, pH, or any other environmental condition. PVC, which we already discussed as an example of a polymer, is not a smart polymer. A PVC pipe will not adapt to changing pressure, temperature, or anything else in its environment. Smart polymers have found their greatest applications in biochemistry. They have been used in targeted drug delivery. The difficulty with targeted drug delivery is that our stomachs are incredibly harsh environments. This means that ingested pharmaceuticals can be broken down in the stomach before they even have the chance to do any good. A drug that is protected by a smart polymer can pass through the stomach and release into your body at a later time. This is just one use of smart polymers.

What is the name for the light-sensitive smart polymer that is used in plasters?

how are smart polymers used in light sensitive plasters

Is a memory card a smart card?


What property does a shape memory polymer have?

They can regain their original shape when heated. They are often used for car bodies. If the car gets dented its surface can be heated (e.g. with a hair dryer) and the shape memory polymer should regain its original shape

What materials were used in central station II by Jeffrey Smart?

Synthetic polymer paints on Canvas

What is smart material made from?

There are lots of smart materials.For example,Shape memory alloys are made from metal alloysShape memory polymers, which are plasticsEtc

What is a new and useful polymer?

A new and usefull polymer is new polymers that are developed to help society- for example shape memory polymers are used to cure cuts.When a shape memory polymer is used to stitch a wound your body tempreture makes it tighter and close around the wound.This is just one example of a new polmer which is usefull. Hope i helped.

What can you use smart memory alloys for?

Braces and foreigner removers

What are the advantages smart card?

Portible Increasing memory functions

Why do elephants never forget?

They are smart and have a very good memory.

What is the relation between hi IQ and poor memory?

IQ means good memory [or smart] and you should know the rest

Lithium Batteries Have No Memory Effect?

When you buy lithium polymer batteries, you can do so with the knowledge that they do not have the dreaded memory effect. This new technology is much better than the batteries that used to be used in computers, phones, and the like. These batteries would remember how full they were when you plugged them in, and they would count that as being empty, even if they were not. The lithium polymer batteries do not do this.

Is a tiger shark smart?

Sharks are fishes and their memory is about 5 seconds long

What is a block polymer?

A block polymer is a polymer which is a block macromolecule.

What is an example of a smart polymer?

Nappies, Plasters, helmets, plastic bags, non-stick chewing gum, climbing ropes, plastic bottles

Different between smart card and stored value card?

Smart cards have an IC chip which can process the data.Stored value card(also known as memory card) are only have memory element not any processing element.

What is inorganic polymer?

The polymer which do not cantain carbon is called inorganic polymer .

Is sucrose a polymer?

Sucrose is a disaccharide, its not a polymer. Sucrose is a disaccharide, its not a polymer.

What is a name for a smart alloy?

A smart alloy is a smart material that can remember its original shape. The technical name for a smart alloy is a shape memory alloy (SMA). These kinds of alloy include:NickelTitaniumCopperZincAluminium

What are the advantages of smart materials?

smart memory alloys remember the position they are put in. if you move them out of position and re heat them, they move back into the original position

Do cell phones have random access memory?

Most phones do. For sure smart phones