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It is more like the shape of number 6. The middle end is separate from the line. Google the term, "snailed shape shower" and see the images. You'll get the idea.

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What kind of shower curtain do you need for an L shaped shower curtain rod?

No special shower curtain is needed for an L-shaped shower curtain rod. A regular shower curtain will adapt to the curve in the bar.

What kind of shower rod is best for a curved shower?

Getting a cresent shaped shower rod is best.

What is the seat of the hearing organ shaped like a snail?

your mother

What is the organ of hearing which lies in the snail shaped cochlea?

Organ of corti

What is lumache pasta?

Lumache Pasta is pasta shaped liek a snail shell, typically an inch or so long. Lumache Pasta is pasta shaped liek a snail shell, typically an inch or so long.

What is gogofdfn?

A very fast gogo dancer shaped snail who can run on its hands and head

A snail-shaped organ lined with hair cells?

The cochlea of the inner ear.

What shape is the cochlea in your ear?

The cochlea is shaped in a spiral, kind of like a snail shell.

Where is the snail in the I Spy sand castle puzzle?

Toward the right side of the puzzle, there is a woman in front of the castle with a tall cone shaped hat. The snail is behind her.

What is the function the cochlea?

The cochlea is a snail shaped tube that is lined with receptor cells that respond to sound

Can you help me send out these wedding shower invitations?

When you are looking to send out shower invitations, it's best to send them out through snail mail. Your guests will appreciate your efforts. This should get you started

How do you hang shower curtain on l shaped rod?

In order to hang a shower curtain on an I shaped rod, you will have to have the correct hooks. Then put the hooks around the rod. The open end of the hook will then have to be pushed through the hole at the top of the curtain.

How do you remove the U shaped retainer clip fromn a single handed shower faucet?

The U-shaped retainer clip on a shower faucet can be removed by using a pliers to pull it off. The pliers should be a needle-nosed shape to grasp the U-shaped retainer clip more easily.

What is the function of cochlea in the body?

Cochlea is a snail shaped structure present in the inner ear which is sensory organ of hearing .

What is a chochlea?

A spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing

Do all L shaped shower curtain rods need a ceiling support?

No. Some "L" shaped shower curtain rods have floor support which comes up and attaches to the rod. I have seen these types in bathrooms with high ceilings and also in bathrooms with large skylights in the ceiling.

How can you tell if your snail-slug is sick?

If they are sick part of there body are a bit green and to make them not to be sick shower them daily (use a spray in the morning)

Can a snail live in a snail?

No a snail can't live in a snail.

What are characteristics of a snail?

snail is snail

Can you turn into a snail by eating snail food?

No, you can not turn into a snail by eating snail food.

Can a land snail and a water snail have a baby?

No, a land snail and a water snail can not have babies.

Is Garry the snail a snail or cat?

Gary is a snail.

Where is the cohoclea?

the cochlea are located in the ear. It is a spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing.

What is a description of a snail?

A snail will have a shell that can vary in shape and color, from bright, standing out colors to camaflouging brown. The shells can be coneshaped, more round shaped, or any other shapes. They produce slime whenever they go somewhere, and their body is attached to the shell which is kind of 'perched' onto the body. A snail usually has two eyes and slithers along.

Slowest land animal camel or snail?