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What is a snare drum?

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2008-10-29 17:48:56

A snare drum is a precussion instrument that is played with two

batons or sticks. A snare drum is thinner than most tom toms, and

it has a "snare" strung across the bottom of the drum to give it a

'snap' 'sharp' or a 'crisp' sound rather than the tone you hear

from tom toms. If need be you can release the snare part with a

small lever found at the top side of the drum; then it resembles a

tom tom but with somewhat of a higher pitch. If you have a 'drum

kit', usually the snare is in front of you. It's the drum you keep

time with along with your bass drum; tom toms are found above the

bass drum, with the exception of the floor toms, and are generally

used for fills to enhance the songs changes or feel. You can have

several tom toms, but normally there is just one snare drum.

Usually a steady beat on the cymbals is accompanied by a 2 and 4

beat on the snare, although there are many different beats and

styles that are apparent with different drummers performing various

rhythms. Jazz drummers may use the snare more extensively with

multiple hits per beat, but this is not to say rock drummers use it

any less.

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