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What is a snare drum?

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A snare drum is a precussion instrument that is played with two batons or sticks. A snare drum is thinner than most tom toms, and it has a "snare" strung across the bottom of the drum to give it a 'snap' 'sharp' or a 'crisp' sound rather than the tone you hear from tom toms. If need be you can release the snare part with a small lever found at the top side of the drum; then it resembles a tom tom but with somewhat of a higher pitch. If you have a 'drum kit', usually the snare is in front of you. It's the drum you keep time with along with your bass drum; tom toms are found above the bass drum, with the exception of the floor toms, and are generally used for fills to enhance the songs changes or feel. You can have several tom toms, but normally there is just one snare drum. Usually a steady beat on the cymbals is accompanied by a 2 and 4 beat on the snare, although there are many different beats and styles that are apparent with different drummers performing various rhythms. Jazz drummers may use the snare more extensively with multiple hits per beat, but this is not to say rock drummers use it any less.

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Why is a snare drum called a snare drum?

A snare drum got its name from the chains or snares on the bottom of the drum.

Why is a snare drum called a SNARE?

It is called a snare drum because it has wires going across the center of the drum, underneath, when the drum is struck, it uses the metal wires to create a "sizzle" or "rattle" sound. This gives it the distinct sound that a snare drum has. And some people will just call a snare drum a snare for short.

What are snares on a snare drum?

The snares are the wires or cords under the resonant head on the snare drum that give it the snare drum sound.

Who made the snare drum?

The snare drum is guessed to have descended from a medieval drum called the Tabor, which was a drum with a single gut snare strung across the bottom.

Which famous composers play the snare drum?

name two famous composers for the snare drum and two pieces written for the snare drum

How much is a snare drum?

A snare drum can range from $50 to $2000 USD.

Which family does the snare drum belong to?

The snare drum came from '''percussion''' family!

How do you play the snare drum in club penguin?

Have the snare drum and drumsticks on then dance!

Which one of the instruments has the highest pitch snare drum or the timpani?

snare drum

What shape is a snare drum?

The snare drum is usually a round and cylindrical shape.

What is on the bottam of a snare drum?

The snare head and snare system

How big is the snare drum?

You can get several different sizes of snare drum i think the standard one is 14" I'm not sure But you can get different szes of snare drum

What year was the snare drum invented?

The snare drum was invented around the times of WW1

What family does the instrument snare drum belong to?

The snare drum, as you may know, is part of the drum kit. Therefore, as drums are part of the percussion family, the snare drum is part of the percussion family.

What is the difference in playing a marching snare drum and a concert snare drum?

the marching snare has a crisp loud noise as for a concert snare has more of a bass style

Is a snare drum tuned?

Yes a snare drum is tuned. You can tune it by using the drum key to turn the drum lugs around alternately.

What key does a snare drum play in?

A snare drum doesn't play in a specific key. If you can hear a tone on your snare drum that you could match in pitch, then it probably means your drum is tuned too low.

What is the part of the drum kit which has metal underneath to change the sound?

The Snare drum.. The metal is the snare.

How do you play the snare drum?

you play the snare drum by hitting it with a durm stick tomake a beat

What are some facts about the snare drum?

The snare drum is one of the worlds most oldest instuments.]

What type of harmony does a snare drum have?

what type of harmony is the snare drum in the star spangled banner

What is the drum taken into battle?

snare drum

How did the snare drum get its name?

from the bottom of the drum

What is the difference between a orchestral snare drum and a drum kit snare rum?

a concert snare normally is taller and a trap snare is made to have more frequent use

What is drum rim?

the drum rim is the outside of the snare drum.