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It is called the triangle.

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How many balls are used in a snooker triangle?

There are 15 red balls in the triangle.

Name of instrument used to position snooker balls?

The triangle

In a snooker game what colour is behind the triangle of red?


What is the name of white ball in snooker?

The white ball in Snooker is called the "Cue Ball".

What is snooker rest called?

it can be called a spider or a swan

What is a snooker rod called?

A cue.

What are snooker rods called?


What is a snooker foul called?

A foul.

What is the blue chalk in snooker called?

It is just called "The Chalk".

What is the opening shot in snooker called?

The break.

Who is Snooker player called the rocket?

Ronnie O'Sullivan.

What is a faulty stroke in snooker called?

the ball 8

What is the thick end of a snooker cue called?

The butt.

What is faulty snooker shot called?

A foulmiscue

What is a snooker shot called?

Quite simply a shot.

What is a triangle with no sides the same length called?

This triangle is called a scalene triangle.

What are the things called that the balls roll into on a snooker table?


What is a snooker cloth surface called?

It is most commonly baize.

What is snooker full name?

The full name of snooker is SNOOKER.

What is a sideways triangle called?

a triangle

When one angle in a triangle is right angle it is called as?

A right angle triangle

Does a right angle triangle have 90 degree angle?

Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!

What is a triangle inserted in a triangle called?

inscribed triangle

What is a triangle inside a triangle is called?

An inscribed triangle.

What is a three sided figure called?

It is called a triangle.