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The term "sociopath social climber" sounds a statement condemning the actions of someone considered to be getting socially "above themselves" at the expense of others and "fair play" (sincerity, truth, honesty, integrity and so on). However, a "sociopath" in the medical sense of the word is a person who has been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (and is therefore an "antisocial", "sociopathic" or "psychopathic" personality), according to the diagnostic criteria. The word is often used to describe people who are harmful or damanging to others (and not necessarily diagnosed with a mental health disorder). "Sociopathic" personalities are people without a conscience: they lie, cheat, exploit, con, use and abuse others CONSISTENTLY. The sociopathic personality is narcissistic and is extremely self centered, self absorbed, self serving and can be utterly ruthless in puruit of their wants, needs, goals etc. At the extreme end of the contiminium, these people are capable of anything (murder etc). "Social climber" is a value judgment, I guess. And it's not a particularly nice one from my egalitarian point of view as it smacks of passing judgment on another for getting "above their station" in life socially in terms of CLASS. George Bush.

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Q: What is a sociopath social climber?
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