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They are called veterans.

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What is a soldier who returns home during world war two?

A veteran

What was a drafted soldier called during World War 2?


What age was the oldest soldier during World War I?

110 year old is the oldest soldier during world war 1

What was the name for a soldier on land in World War 2?

A US soldier in World War 2 was called a "G.I."

A World War 2 soldier who fought in Tobruk is?

A world war 2 Soldier who Fought at Tobruk is Called a Rat

What were the soldier relationships during World War 1?


Drafted soldier abbreviation during World War 2?


When was A soldier By Robert Frost Written?

During World War 2

What were the benefits of being a soldier during World War 1?

There were none

What were survival rates for a soldier during World War 1?


What activities did boys take part in during World War II?

They would be an soldier detect bombs and could be a soldier or a leader.

What did a soldier eat during world war 1?

dog biscuits and tea

What was the cost per soldier and equipment during World War 1?


Nickname of an American soldier during world war 2?

u stink

How was Hitler a part of world War 1?

He was a soldier during WW 1.

When did Robert Frost write A Soldier?

Frost did not write a soldier in 1968. that would have been inpossible given that he died in 1963. A Soldier was written during World War 2

Abbreviation for a female soldier in World War 2?

In World War Two, a female soldier (as in the Army) was called a "WAC" ... Women's Army Corps Charles Wood

What was the Average height of US soldier during World War 2?

5 '6

How many US soldier deaths were there during World War 2?

15 million

What year did Summer of my German Soldier take place?

during World War II

How was a typical day of a German soldier in the trenches during world war 1?


Who is the most decorated soldier in the Philippines during World War 2?

ferdinand marcos

Who was a famous Japanese American soldier during ww2?

tojo tojo Tojo was not an American soldier during World War II he was actually the Prime Minister of Japan making him our enemy. -HistoryDork

Nickname of American soldier in World War 1?

They were called dough boys.

What were American soldiers called during World War 2?

American Soldiers!!!!! What do you think they were called!!! Wow, this guy.... They were called GI as in Government Issue Actually the Germans called them "amis". Pronounced like Ummies (Plural) Ami for one American soldier.

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