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What is a sore soft painful bump behind your ear near the back of your earring?

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If it is near the back of your earring, you might be having an allergic reaction to the material that your eraring is made of. I have this happen to me as well. I can only wear nickel free earrings. Just take your earring out for a few days and the bump should go away.

2016-01-03 17:18:26
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Painful bump back of skull?

A painful bump at the back of the skull could be the result of hitting one's head against something hard. The bump could also be a bug bite or a sting, or might even be a scratch or cut.

My daughter has a bump on the back right side of her head that is painful when touched what could it be?

If a child has a bump on the head that is painful to the touch, you should seek medical attention. This can range from a fall or a tumor.

What is a painful bump behind your left ear?

probably a pimple or blackhead, but could possibly be a cyst as well

Painful bump inside nose that keeps coming back?

It is an ingrown hair; see a dermatologist.

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

Is it serious if you have a bump at the back of your head just behind your ear that's not painful but seems to get bigger and it also has a hole in it?

you just go to the doctor if it keeps getting bigger, they'll probably take it off

What is a large red sore bump on back the size of a quarter painful even when not touching it?

It is most likely a large pimple.

Small white painful bump on the tongue?

inflamed taste bud?

What could a hard large painful bump be under the skin on the leg be?

it is just your blood{blood bump}.<3

Bump on the back of your neck it gets bigger and smaller should you see a doctor?

It is better to see a doctor to know what is that bump, if it is painful then probably it is an infection which must be diagnosed and cured as soon as possible. If the sweeling or the bump is not at all painful but it grows fast or becomes bigger, it might be possible that it is a cyst and it needs to be removed as soon as possible. I advised you to see a doctor really.

What is a painful bump on the left side of the back of your skull just above your neck?

I will be going to the Doc. I am scared - it could be anything from a cyst to a cancerous lump!

You have bump on your head it is not painful and you are thinking of getting cut would this affect the brain?

No. The brain is inside the skull. The bump is outside.

What does it mean if you have a couple of areas on the back of your head that are painful when touched and one of them is a small hard bump?

Did you fall and bump your head? Or get hit with something in the head? If you didn't bump or hit your head or get hit in the head recently, you should go see a doctor. And if you did bump your head and these tender spots and bumps don't go away soon, you should see a doctor also. I have painful bump on my head especially when touched coupled with head aches and blurry vision. Please let me know the there is any information. I can'tfind any.

What is a welt?

A painful bump on your skin, usually worse than a bruise.

What does it mean if a painful bump appers under you chin?

Generally a painful bump on your chin is acne. Acne is common skin problem that starts when oil and dead skin cells clog up pores.

I have a bump on the last digit of my little finger and it is painful?

There are many things that a painful bump on the last digit of your little finger could be. For example, it may be a wart, which is easily treatable. Contact your family doctor to have it examined.

What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

What does it mean if you have a painful bump on your right testicle?

It means you should see your doctor.

What is a bump behind the ear?

I went to the doctor today to see what happened. Turns out I was allergic to the earring, so if this happens to you, you should buy 24karat gold or plastic earrings. My doctor also recommended fucidin ointment which costs about $20. Hope this helps :)

What would a pea sized painful bump behind right ear be?

probably a cyst,specially if hurts is a kind of inflamation that couldn't get out and gets into a cyste! if doesnt burst open,go to a doctor and get it extracted.

What could a small hard bump on a 2-year-old's occipital ridge behind the left ear be It is not painful or discolored There is not one on the right side?

A small, painless bump behind the ear of a child can be many different things. Some causes of this include mastoiditis, dermatitis, swollen lymph nodes, sebaceous cysts, cancers, and parasitic infections.

Painful bump in vaginal area hurts when sit what is it and what do you do?

The best idea is to talk to your doctor.

What could a painful red bump on your vagina come from?

Anything. Get checked out by a doctor to find out

What should you do with a painful bump on your forehead?

I would call a doctor and see what s/he says.

How do you cure a risen bump on your virgina?

A risen bump in the pubic area is likely an ingrown hair, and will go away in a short time on its own. If the bump is painful and persists, do see a doctor.