What is a special word for a male harp seal?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is a special word for a male harp seal?
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Is harp a noun?

Yes, the word harp (harps) is a noun as well as a verb (harp, harps, harping, harped). The noun harp is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a musical instrument, a word for a thing.

Word you can make out of the word Pharaoh?

oar, or, harp, hop

Why are harp seals on the endangered animals list?

They are NOT an Endangered Species. They have a listing, but it is Least Concern. Which means their population is growing. The Canadian herd alone has almost 6 MILLION and is increasing each year. Scandinavia and Russia also have Harp seal herds which are not endangered either. The idea that they are or were an Endangered Species was started by Animal Rights fundraisers to dupe the public into sending them money. Seal species which are truly Endangered do not receive any help or support from the AR groups. While campaigning for the Harps the Caribbean Monk seal went extinct without a word from the "seal savers".

What is the filipino word for harp?

The Tagalog word for harp is alpa or arpa, from the Spanish word arpa.The harp was one of the most popular instruments during the Spanish period of the Philippines which lasted 3 centuries (333 years). It was considered the national instrument.

What is another word for a harp?

dwell, repeat

What is a 8 letter word meaning Celtic harp?

One poor Anglicisation of the the Irish for 'harp' is 'clarsach'.

What does harp not the symbol but the word?

To harp at someone is to criticize or put them down repeatedly and very much in their face. Or, a harp is a stringed instrument played with all the fingers.

What is another four letter word for harp?


4 letter word for a small harp?


What is the Latin translation for the word seal in Latin?

the word seal in the context of seal as in signniture is signum if that is of any help! emziexx

What is the word in french to say seal?

le seal

What is a male monkey called?

If you mean the term used (like a buck or a stag is a male deer and a doe is a female deer), there is no special word for them. They are just referred to as a male monkey and a female monkey.