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What is a spectrum?


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A spectrum is a band of seven colors obtained after white light is split. This can be understood by the fact that if a white light (sunlight) is passed through a prism and allowed to fall on a white screen, the seven split colors can be seen. The arrangement of the colors are in the order: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. This arranged group of colors is called a spectrum. A rainbow is an example of a natural spectrum

This also may help you remember the order of the colours in the spectrum-

R(red) O(orange) Y(YELLOW) G.(green) B(blue) I(indigo) V(violet)

Roy G. Biv\

you can also remember it as:

(R)ead (O)ur (Y)ellow (G)rafic (B)ecause (I)t's (V)ictorious


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bacause the spectrum means spectrum so the spectrum is known as spectrum is called as spectrum

The solar spectrum is type G2.

Prism spectrum is formed due to DISPERSION but grating spectrum is formed due to DIFFRACTION. In prism spectrum we have only one order but in grating spectrum we can have second order too IN prism spectrum we have continuous spectrum but in gratings we have only line spectrum In prism spectrum red end will be closer to the direct ray but in grating spectrum violet end will be closer to the direct ray

what is meaning of spectrum

it is a continuous spectrum

I suppose you mean the visible spectrum, only a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The visible spectrum is basically all of the colors the human eye can detect.

Emission spectrum: lines emitted from an atom.Absorption spectrum: absorbed wavelengths of a molecule.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the all the frequencies possible outiside of the visible spectrum such as ultraviolet.

Yes, the audio spectrum of sound is in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The combination of different colours due to the dispersion of sun light is called spectrum. This type of spectrum is called continues or line spectrum.

A continuous spectrum has all wavelengths. This is not the case for a line spectrum as it has discrete lines at specific wavelengths.

An absroption spectrum has dark lines where the energy is absorbed and the emmision spectrum has bright lines where the emission energy is.

There are the same number of lines in the emission spectrum as the absorption spectrum.

The spectrum of sunlight is continuous while for hydrogen is line spectrum (discontinuous)

Here the word spectrum denotes the group of waves.

frequency spectrum,magnitude spectrum,spread spectrum,infrared,x-ray,invisible.............

The absorption spectrum of an atom shows that the atom emits that spectrum which it absorbs.

Newton discover the Spectrum in 1672

How is spectrum analyzer operated?

analyzes an object's spectrum

The colors of the spectrum were the colors of the rainbow.

spectrum,Meaning Color or Range.

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