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What is a speedy trail?

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the speedy trail has something to do with the court and the constitution of the Us is found as part of the sixth amendment which is part of the Constitution so maybe you should look up in the website and if that don't work then look it up on a other site like sixth

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What is the rights to a speedy trail?

It is the right to a speedy trial - not trail!You have the right to come to court and have your case tried without undue delay (tell that to the guys at Gitmo!)

What problems would arise if there wasn't a speedy and public trial?

If there is no speedy and public trail then justice for the innocent would be delayed.

Which amendment gives citizens the right to a speedy trail?

Its the sixth amendment

The 6th amendment allows for a speedy and public trail to protect the what?

To protect the accused against unfair or malicious prosecution.

Which amendments gives us the right to a trail?

The 6th amendment gives you the right to a fair and speedy public trial.

What are the protections given to citizens accused of crime's such as the right to a laywer and the right to a speedy trail are known as?

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Do your lawyer have the right to waive your speedy trail with out your signature?

You retained your attorney to defend you and speak and act before the the court on your behalf. So the answer would be, yes. If as part of his legal strategy he chooses to "waive speedy" you should trust him. If you don't trust him, fire him, and retain different counsel.

If the right to speedy trial has not been waived how long can a trail be post poned?

It typically must be scheduled to proceed within a 90 day time frame from arraignment.

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What is the 7th admendment?

The 7th admendment is the trail by jury in civil case 1 freedoms 2right to bear arms 3lodging of troops 4search and seizure 5rights of the accused 6right to speedy trail by jury 7)trail by jury in civil case and so on.... Right to jury in civil case means that you have the right to go to court if there is a civil case

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