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What is a spelunker?

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it is a person who explores caves.


Not according to most such people.

I've no idea where the word originated [but now see below] - USA slang yes, but how, when & why I do not know. No American caving literature I've ever read, uses the word. The proper, international, term in the English language is "caver". Simple as that.


Since writing that below my '+++' answer-partition I learnt that "spelunker" was a rather pretentious but harmless invention by two American cavers in the 1930s. It was used for a while quite innocently and picked up the Press and non-caving public. Eventually the word became one of derision among cavers themselves for novices and dilettantes, and so faded away from caving publications; but this development was not realised by non-cavers.

There is a fancy word, Speleologist - this describes a caver who studies scientifically the caves themselves (geology etc) and their contents (wildlife etc.). The first e should really be the ae dipthong character, but it is usually now emasculated to just e. Notably perhaps, one of the world's leading speleology learned-journals is called simply Cave and Karst Science.

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What does a spelunker play?

The game 'Spelunker'.

Is there a word like spelunker for someone who likes caves?

A spelunker-enthusiast +++ "Caver" - see Discussion note.

How do you use the word spelunker in a sentence?

Although he had explored caves in his teens, he did not consider himself a skilled spelunker.

Give the Greek based synonym for a 'speluncologist'?

A synonym for this would be spelunker. A spelunker is one who explores caves.

What does a spelunker do for fun?

He or she explores caves.

Which feature has a hollow central tube?


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What do you call a person who likes to explore caves with the letters spelunke and r?

A 'spelunker'

Young spelunker who became stuck in a cave in Kentucky and died there 18 days later?

Floyd Collins

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What do you call a cave explorer?

Umm.... i think they are called a spelunker! ++ I know, being one, thathe or she is a "caver", in any English-language text or speech!

Why do spelunkers explore caves?

Because the caves are there. If you're asking about the etymology of "spelunker," it comes from the Latin "spelunca," meaning "cave." +++ Please see Discussion for a caver's answer! :-)

What is a 7 letter word for someone who explores caves?

Someone who explores caves is called a spelunker. But that is 9 letters. Are you sure you are limited to 7 letters?Maybe your answer is spelunk.As in "Dave is going to spelunk today".

What word is used to describe those who explore caves?

Caver - as simple as that, though Speleologist if studying the cave's scientific aspects. (Some Answers users say "spelunker" but it's slang rarely if ever used by cavers.)

Who is Leo in tekken?

Leo is from a talented family in which her father is a spelunker and her mother works for G Corporation. He followed her father's footsteps and also became a spelunker. A tragedy happened when her mother died and the police didn't investigate about the death that's why she investigated herself and it alls leads to Kazuya Mishima. She learned that Kazuya will be appering in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6 in person that's why she decided to join the competition for a chance to meet Kazuya and get revenge. *note that "her" i used for Leo is not pertaining that she is a girl. Leo's gender is uncertain. Actually for me HE is a BOY ~by:ParkBomsGreat~

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A spelunker drops a stone from rest into a hole The speed of sound is 343 ms in air and the sound of the stone striking the bottom is heard 5.71 s after the stone is dropped How deep is the hole?

343m/s x 5.71s = 1958.53m, less the distance from the level of the hole's opening to the spelunder's ear.

What are cave explorers called?

Spelunkers (amateur or sportive) and speleologists for the more scientific types, its like Fish Fanciers, and Icthyologists, one much more technically involved. +++ The word "spelunker" is rarely used by cavers, certainly not outside of the USA anyway - all the English-language texts I've seen use the second word: "caver". Subsequently to posting the above edit, I looked into the word "spelunker". It was invented by a group of American cavers and used without fear or favour in the US, though not elsewhere, for a couple of decades or so. Then it started to become a sarcastic term for novices and, more especially perhaps, ill-equipped dilettantes, which explains its disappearance from mainstream caving literature.

What does a spelunker do as a hobby?

Spelunking is a hobby. It is the amateur ( as opposed to professional or scientific) exploration of caves. It is not generally related to prospecting for minerals or construction sites such as projected tunnels- as would be professional geology. Speleology is the scientific study of caves. a spelunker is to a speleologist as say, an amateur scuba diver is to an oceanographer. ++++ "Spelunker / ~ing" is now entirely slang. It was concocted in good faith by a couple of American cavers in the 1930s or 40s, but never caught on anywhere else, became corrupted in its own country to denigrate novices and dilettantes; and no longer appears in any serious caving literature including that from America. The normal, international, English-language words are "cave", "caving" and caver". Also an enormous amount of speleological study is carried by amateur cavers as a development of their hobby. The professional speleologists are so by reversal - they are geologists, biologists, etc by trade and training but their hobby is caving so they combine the two. After all you cannot study a cave unless you are a caver! Incidentally, amateur divers correspondingly contribute a lot of valuable, serious knowledge in marine biology and archaeology. The boundaries between amateur and professional in the natural sciences are by no means clear cut!

What are stalactites spelunkers?

Nonsense question. . A stalactite is a calcite formation within a cave. . A "Spelunker" was originally a "caver" - a person who explores caves - and was coined by a couple of American cavers in the 1930s, not used at all outside the USA, and now used, if at all, only in a derogatory way by US cavers of novices and dilettantes. (I took the trouble to investigate it!)

What is the largest rock ever found by a spelunker?

Largely meaningless question. ' Cavers don't use the word "spelunker", and they don't go looking for "the largest rock"! Largest cave maybe. In any case, a single boulder can obviously be never be as large as the cavity in which it lies. Many very large cave passages and chambers do have enormous boulders lying on their floors, but you rarely see more than part of each boulder anyway because it is usually partially buried by lots more boulders. ' I do know of - and have seen - one boulder that I believe has been named "Kanchengunja", after the mountain, but from memory it is not ever so much bigger than a large garden-shed. It lies in St Cuthbert's Swallet, a cave in the Mendip Hills of SW England; but it is the cave that is impressive, being both challenging to visit and in places beautiful to view, not its individual boulders.

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What is a person called that explores caves?

A cave explorer is a Spelunker. NO: a caver.+++This has come back round. so with new knowledge I am re-writing my answer to explain why "No".The word "spelunker" was coined by an American caving club in the 1940s (according to an entry on Wikipedia which I believe to have been written by a caver in the US), from Greek and Latin words for cave. It was used happily until the 1960s, but only in the US, then American cavers themselves started to see and use it as a derogatory term for ill-equipped would-be cavers.Apparently some US cavers even wore T-shirts with slogans like "Cavers rescue spleunkers" - rather forgetting that they, the wearers, were beginners themselves once!The proper term is "caver" - whether exploring caves or simply visiting known ones - or "speleologist" if studying the caves and their contents scientifically. Even then the individual is more likely to referred to him/her-self as a "caver" and leave the word "speleology" to name the cave sciences in general.