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What is a spirit guide?

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A spirit guide is a helper, sent to or found by, a practitioner of magic which may take the form of a person (known or unknown to the practitioner) or animal (real or mythical). Spirit guides help with the interaction between the practitioner and the other planes of existence.

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A spirit that directs the utterances of a PSYCHIC?

A familiar or spirit guide

What can it mean if your spirit guide gives you a square wooden box with an engraved pattern on it?

Perhaps you can ask your spirit guide that question.

What is the name of your Spirit Guide?


What does it mean to depend on the holy spirit?

To let it guide you, you know that guilty feeling? that's the holy spirit telling you that you did something you know you were not supposed to, let the holy spirit guide you

Does everyone have a spirit guide?

Interesting Question. In my experience, anyone and everyone who chooses to search for their spirit guide eventually finds one or more. Some people who choose not to search for their spirit guide find one, or are found by one anyway, whether or not they choose to accept the experience for what it is, depends upon the individual. And some people who choose not to search for their spirit guide never find one. I do not know if that is because they refused to acknowledge the spirit when it tries to contact them; if they are oblivious to the attempt at contact; or if instead, there is no spirit guide for them.

What spirit does pope call upon to help him?

He calls on the Holy Spirit to guide him.

How can you see your spirit guide?

Perhaps in a dream.

What are the role of the holy spirit in the christian?

The holy spirit is in you once you invite Jesus in . he will guide and be a comforter.

Whom did Jesus send to guide us?

He sent the Holy Spirit of God, aka the Spirit of Christ.

Can you lend your spirit guide to someone who is needing help?

its not normmaly a case that a spirit guide is leant from 1 to another, but a person,s guide could be utilised by passing useful information from the 1 person to the other, through the person speaking about that which theyre own guide says.

Who is gide on Bible?

The Holy Spirit is our guide, (John 16.13)

What does the holy spirit guide the church to do?

The relseas your inner demon

How many books did the Holy Spirit guide Paul to write?


What is the native American translation for the word spirit guide?

medicine man

What does being fully human mean?

It means that you are a nothos, full-blooded human. Being nothos means that you do not have powers or spirit guide abilites of any sort, and that you are not related to anyone who has powers or spirit guide abilities.

What is the role of the holy spirit in the life of christian?

The role of the holy spirit is important in a Christians life. It is a guide and comforter in our daily lives.

I'm trying a technique to find my spirit animal how will I know him her when I see him her how will he she approach me?

You can find a detailed guide on techniques to find your spirit animal on

When did jesus send the holy spirit to guide the church?

when he went back to heaven

Who sent the Holy Spirit to guide us?

Our gracious and merciful Father, God

Is your spirit guide dangerous?

True spiritual guides are beings of protection and nurturing.

Does the holy spirit guide the church to pray?

yes it indeed does hope this helps

What are the works of the holy spirit in the church?

Jesus told the disciples that , after he leaves them, he will send the comforter the holy spirit to be in his place and to guide and protect them.So is it with us the holy spirit is a help from god.

Who sends his holy spirit to guide us?

The Holy Spirit is not a separate person or being, but is rather the power and the means by which God transmits His will, influence and presence. Many Scriptures state that it is God's Holy Spirit - aka - the Spirit of Christ.

When you are led?

led to by the holy spirit. Father, Son, Holy spirit . Father - God , Son - Jesus Christ , Holy spirit - what jesus left when he died on the cross and went to be with his father-God, in heaven he left his spirit which we call holy spirit to guide us, and we be led by the holy spirit.

What is the symbolism of a dragonfly spirit guide?

live life to the fullest and stop wasting time